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Win That Knighthood!

A new game show, where luminaries can compete for a knighthood.
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Michelle Yeoh (one of the main female characters in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) recently got a knighthood in her native country of Malaysia. An incredible honor, and very appropriate. Think about it. Jackie Chan has said that she's the only woman who's ever been able to match him, stunt for stunt. She's an incredible martial artist. Doesn't this say "knight" (in the old definition of lord's retainer and warrior) more to you than, say, Sir Elton John or Sir Paul McCartney? Let's see Elton John swing a morningstar without splattering his brains all over his baby grand.

Thus-- I propose a new game show, where luminaries can actually compete for a knighthood from a different royal house each week...

Announcer: "Superstar martial artist Michelle Yeoh... VERSUS John Smith, a researcher who's invented a reliable test for cervical cancer... WITH HEAVY LANCES!!!


kitsune, Apr 19 2001

British Honours http://www.cabinet-....gov.uk/Ceremonial/
Even tells you how to get a KBE! [[ sctld ], Apr 19 2001]


       Sorry, but being able to bash heads is really only of marginal utility in the larger scheme of things. A knight in this day and age should be able to do more to bring glory to his or her monach than appear in movies.
centauri, Apr 19 2001

       Such as write pop songs? :)
kitsune, Apr 19 2001

       No, I just think that knighting scientists (such as "John Smith") makes much more sense than knighting "regular" celebrities.
centauri, Apr 19 2001

       Very Pythonesque. centauri: How about if instead of physical duels we pose a small mental hurdle? "Now! Each contestant will attempt to reconcile quantum chromodynamics and general relativity! On the count, gentlemen..."
Dog Ed, Apr 20 2001

       Dog Ed: I like your idea. We could do a combination of both (knights had to be courtly as well as strong, after all). "Michelle, solve this complicated math theorem. Dr. Smith, do three backflips in a row."
kitsune, Apr 20 2001

       I like that idea for things like 'The Order Of The Garter' and 'The Order Of The Thistle', but 'The Order Of The British Empire', was created for those who advanced the glory of britain, and gave honour to the monarch and the country through all endevours. That's why local lollipop ladies get MBE's and OBE's.   

       [My Old Academy Rector had an OBE]
[ sctld ], Apr 20 2001

       'The Order Of The BrownNoser' would be better title for them, then.
thumbwax, Apr 20 2001

       I think we need to bring knighthood back in a real way. Even classless societies have implied classes, (ie. doctors, executives, janitors, writers, etc.). This would give us a decent way to even the playing field a bit. Folks that deserve recognition might finally get it. Sir Bob, of the Order of the Janitor...
RayfordSteele, Apr 05 2002


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