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Water Hurling

Same rules as Hurling, except...
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6 inches/15 cm of water cover the playing surface.
The ball has flotation qualities.

Hurling was brought to Ireland as the last Ice Age was receding. With that in mind, this sport uses water to represent the thaw.

Discuss amongst your elves
thumbwax, Dec 11 2002

Hurling http://www.gaa.ie/s.../hurling/index.html
An introduction [thumbwax, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Guinness http://www.guinness...5449_126269,00.html
aaaaaaah [thumbwax, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       <Cagney>Listen, see, this isn't a discus - fmmm - it's a discussion, see - and if you have too much Guinness - fmmm - you'll be doing a different kind of hurling, see</Cagney>
IVnick8or and anybody else who's missed out on this great sport, Check ESPN or FoxSports for listings - If you see Gaelic Games listed - you're in for a treat. These players can be running at an angle which doesn't look conducive to a shot - with opposition in hot pursuit - and hit the ball smackdab down the middle through the goal. None of that wussie stuff you're likely used to seeing.
thumbwax, Dec 11 2002

       i did some water hurling the night of/day after my bachelor party.
mihali, Dec 11 2002

       Sounds a little like ice hockey after someone left the Zamboni on "high".
dalek, Dec 11 2002

       <momentary confusion of Gaelic sports>I'm not sure that those big marble stones would float.</mcoGs>
angel, Dec 11 2002

       sp: zamboni
mihali, Dec 11 2002

       its hockey for cissies.
po, Dec 11 2002


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