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Whitewater Zorbing

"OK, at the next cataract, climb hard to the RIGHT!"
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Fairly self-explanatory, except make the Zorb large enough to accommodate 3-4 people, with extra tough outer plastic, and a grid of transparent flanges (each around the entire circumference) to provide paddle traction in the water.

The airspace between the inner and outer shells would be sealed, and sufficient to provide buoyancy.

You have nothing to lose but your lunch!

Adze, Jun 10 2005

Surreal. http://keystone.til....ca/Spheroids_2.gif
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jun 11 2005]


       Great! I for one would love to be stuck in a rolling, sealed ball of plastic with three other people and some free-floating regurgitated food.   

       To be fair, this does actually sound fun. [+]
wagster, Jun 10 2005

       Sign me up as a test Zorber! [+]
DocBrown, Jun 10 2005


       Hmmmm.... 3 people say [+] but there are only 2 positive votes.
DesertFox, Jun 10 2005

       (+) B...but what if you capsize?   

       This is a good idea. Never heard of a Zorb before, but it seems great for a whitewater river. I think I'd rather be alone in one, as I prefer whitewater kayaing to rafting. Technically, however I don't think the grid of flanges would give any control at all, but who cares.[+]
farble, Jun 10 2005

       See? Now 5 [+]'s but 4 positive votes and one negative......
DesertFox, Jun 10 2005

       The whole "suffocation" thing could be a bit unpleasant.
contracts, Jun 10 2005

       What about zorb races on the rapids, everyones got their own zorb. Everyone would be fighting for that one good spot, huge battle just before the big plummet, ahhHH!!!! [+]
daseva, Jun 10 2005

       Doh! Looks like I forgot to actually vote - there you go. Thanks [DF].
wagster, Jun 10 2005

       I think solo whitewater zorbing would be fun, but if there's going to be teams I want all of my team members inside our own little zorbs inside the big zorb, or somebody's going to get an eye poked out.
normzone, Jun 10 2005

       I have definately seen these for single persons, though I can't seem to locate with google. They were called "HydroRox" or something. The multiple people aspect would be fun though.   

       They were much more durable for bouncing off rocks, as instead of an inflated bubble they had hard, octahedral frames, or something. The openness also let you get wet, which for some is half the fun.
Laimak, Jun 10 2005

       "4 people died today while doing the extreme sport white water zorbing, after getting into difficulty by getting swept out to the open seas..."   

froglet, Jun 11 2005

       I was canoeing yesterday on Wetipquin Creek yesterday, and saw all manner of flora and fauna. swimming snakes, muskrat, osprey, a bald eagle, and more. But something was missing, and I spent all last night wondering what it was. Thanks to this discussion, I now realize that it wasn't a lack of scenery, it was a change of perspective I craved. Instead of boring solitude and peace, I could have witnessed all this wild beauty while high on the adrenaline rush, the tingle of stomach acid on my skin, and giddy asphyxiation from an improperly vented zorb. Oh, and high-fiving my zorb-mates as the fauna run, swim, and fly away.
moPuddin, Jun 12 2005

       \\This is a good idea. Never heard of a Zorb before,\\   

       Really? Its a favouite here along with pirates, custard & sphericons..
energy guy, Jun 14 2005

       It gets suffocatingly hot in one in just a few minutes, even with an 18 inch access tube open to the air, according to the folks playing with it, trying to develop a franchise business out of them (land version).
oxen crossing, Jun 17 2005

       dagnabbitt ! My "original" idea (to use a Zorb for surfing the big waves...perhaps rolling all the way ashore) is not all that original.   

       Seems like loads of folks have thought of uses for Zorbs.
RavellingTangler, Sep 11 2008


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