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Waterspout Pinball

Game for speedboats and bubblewrap
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Probably best played in the tropics, this new sport is a variant of tornado chasing but with waterspouts. Many teams can participate, each with a speedboat and a pinball.

The boats will chase the waterspouts; ideally not getting too close but the occasional accidental slurp will help with television sales.

Once in position, the pinballees will be thrown into the water. These unfortunate people will be wrapped in, say, a metre's thickness of bubblewrap and duct tape, with a couple of waterproof cameras taped on too. Better have a few airholes too I suppose.

The winner of the game is the pinball with the longest flight time. Like horseracing, the lighter pinballees will have a natural advantage, so should probably have to carry lead weights for fairness. We could have flippers mounted to the speedboats too but that would just be silly.

james_what, Apr 22 2008


       Zorbs instead of bubble wrap.
notexactly, May 12 2018

       Yes; something like this is what zorbs are for.
pertinax, May 13 2018

       GPS m, or cm for excitement, could cut engines. ?Pinball? Isn't this for a multi-ball soccer type watersport.   

       <patriotic warm feeling> Yes, of course Zorbs </patriotic warm feeling>.
wjt, May 26 2018


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