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Water Pole

The Fire-fighter's water-slide
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I'd like to try a fire-pole that was kept wet with running water (like a water slide is), descending about 30 or 40 feet into a VERY deep pool (in case you fall off). Sounds dangerous, but if you lock your legs around the pole, it might be pretty fun. Crotch-guard optional for men.

Maybe the pole could even curli-cue a little. Whooo!

Matty, Oct 17 2003

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       "Crotch-guard" should be offered to the women folk as well... I'm not sure 'many' of them would appreciate a 100 or so foot pole between their legs either...
X2Entendre, Oct 17 2003

       Don't make me get the hose.
silverstormer, Oct 18 2003

       Matty is clearly insane, but in a good way. Croissant.
white, Nov 02 2004

       My grandfather was a crotch guard. he had a gun, a torch and everything.
benfrost, Nov 02 2004

       [benfrost] is also clearly insane. I'm still debating the "in a good way" bit.   

       On reflection, it was [ben] who posted [VaginaJam]...
david_scothern, Nov 02 2004

       badass...period. +
lolzcakes, May 27 2006


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