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Water Treadmill

Floating treatmill powered by you running on it.
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The treadmill you turn by running on it turns the paddle wheels.

You steer it with handlebars but I can't get the drawing right. Just picture this thing a lot smaller with the guy holding on to handlebars to steer it. (link) Obviously the belt would be configured to running forward made you go forward.

The picture shows paddle wheels but I'd probably just have a continuous belt with folding paddles under the whole thing to much more effeciently transfer that running motion. In fact I'd think you'd probaby be able to get 60, 70% of that running speed translated to net water treadmill speed.

Could also have two belts so if you ran on one side it powered that side more turning the thing.

Call it the "Water Runner" or "Water Track". Wave Track?

doctorremulac3, Jul 04 2024

Water treadmill that I'd actually buy. https://www.dropbox...2d&st=k11q5d01&dl=0
Much much smaller obviousy and you'd steer with handlebars or two separate treadmill belts so if you wanted to turn right you'd run on the left treadmill. Or just steer it with a handlebar / rudder thing. [doctorremulac3, Jul 04 2024]

Team Boat - a treadmill driven boat with real horsepower! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Team_boat
Just scale it down for people power [a1, Jul 04 2024]

2 fries prior art Tread-Ski
[doctorremulac3, Jul 04 2024]

Inflatable Versions https://www.google....o&sclient=img&udm=2
Hamster-wheel-on-steroids-on-water... [neutrinos_shadow, Jul 08 2024]


       This has to have been thought of no?
doctorremulac3, Jul 04 2024

       It might be really new. I'll see if I can find something close.   

       BTW, that's a slick looking image, as are several others you've posted lately. The [+] is mainly for that. What are you making those with?
a1, Jul 04 2024

       Ha, my first searched turned up something almost but not entirely unlike your idea. See Team Boat link. Not at all what you were after but worth a chuckle.
a1, Jul 04 2024

       Yeah I posted it in 2007 under the name Tread-Ski. I did a cool sketch for it but the free image hosting website Photobucket decided to start charging money once they had enough people on the hook.   

       Is the idea still on the HB?   

       Okay, reading it but a bit unclear, it's a hydrofoil thing that rises up? Wish the picture you made was still up.   

       Maybe re-do it, looks like an interesting idea. I'd bun it.
doctorremulac3, Jul 04 2024

       Okay, I think yours is a lot more clever than mine. Mine is just a dumb treadmill that floats and moves forward when you walk on it. So it's a "Tread-Ski" that doesn't lift out of the water. Yes?
doctorremulac3, Jul 04 2024

       Oh yeah, I forgot that I hydrofoil-ed it.   

       I'll see if I can find the flash drive the picture is on and fix some of my broken sketch links.
I liked that one. Somebody, knowing that I lived in the Okanagan at the time, asked; "Where's the Ogopogo?" so I added it in just about to eat the dude on the tread-ski.

       When we sold our house of seventeen years everything not absolutely necessary got packed into a sea-can for the three years it took for my wife and I to find our forever home. It all got unpacked into a room here, which I've yet to renovate, and even though we've been here for going on five years now...   

       ...we're still not unpacked.
The flash drive and the sketches themselves are somewhere in that mess.
Wish me luck.

       Or... I could stop being such a cheap bastard, just pay them their extortion money, and all of the links will refresh themselves.   

       Maybe this can be a good thing for both of us. I absolutely despise Dropbox. Is there another picture uploading site that's not from a century ago where it's free, forever and doesn't glitch every five seconds?   

       And a1, they did it with horses, they must have done it with people no? There's no way only me and 2 fries thought of this water treadmill thing.   

       Is there a water thing that consists of two floating "skis" that are attached by a rail that slide together that you move the same way you'd do the cross country skiing thing?
doctorremulac3, Jul 05 2024

       Team Boats. Horse Ferries.   

       Think of it, Hannibal could have conquered the seas with Elephants.   

       I say, are you sure you annotate to the intended posting sir?   

       What? Where? ;)
a1, Jul 06 2024

       I like the Swiss, but why would anybody intentionally make holes in the cheese?   

       Looks fun and silly[+].   

       The image sure looks like AI. Just zoom in on the "people" in the other boats. Those "people" look definitely "half baked".   

       I'd still rather kayak. It's the most efficient, pleasant way to get around in water with human power.   

       Bonus points, as treadmills that require your proper gait to get them moving do encourage a better running gait (where you land flat on your foot). If you run hitting your heel first, this type of treadmill wouldn't work, and also you would have a lot more joint pain.
sophocles, Jul 07 2024

       [2fries] the holes are the best bits. Connoisseurs carefully cut away the cheese and discard it, consuming only the holes.
pocmloc, Jul 08 2024

       The original shrinkflation.   


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