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wave action normal

A probalistic wave equation of action x
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What positions have I slept . Could I, if I had the data, generate a wave equation of all the possibilities of positions and orientations I have slept? I wonder what my 1n or 2n orbitals of sleep position are?.

Is a sex position wave equation possible? Probably boring in my case.

Warning that Russian "labeled" stout is having an affect .

wjt, Jan 10 2019


       There appears to be a fundamental paradox here. The more stout you ingest, the less predictable the probability function output of your sleep position, (as you could be passed out in some random elevator on the way back to your flat), suggesting a higher energy state. But higher energy states are not normally associated with Russian stouts. Is some sort of dark energy / matter factor required to compensate?
RayfordSteele, Jan 10 2019

       I did the quotes because of modern marketing but the more "Russian" stouts the more chance I may obtain that impossible probability of vertical sleep at a public field or park ground. The dark energy may be necessity with such low probability.
wjt, Jan 11 2019


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