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Waxed Pants

Don't you mean waxed paper? NO! Waxed PANTS!
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I came up with this idea while ironing my kakhis today. I noticed they were a bit stiff, which was good because it made it easier to iron. I thought, "Wouldn't they be easier to iron if there was a very thin layer of wax imbedded in the cloth? The, the wax would spread out with the heat, making the cloth flat again." Now, I guess the problem would be is if you wash the pants, the wax would come out. But I'm sure there's some nanotech dude out there who could invent a way for the wax to be imbedded in the cloth so that it doesn't run *too* much. It's there to give *just enough* firmness to the pants, and make them easier to iron.
gb2000, May 22 2002

(?) Waxed Pants http://www.rushrive...er/waxed_pants.html
No nanotechnology necessary. [pottedstu, May 22 2002]

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       There are several thousand non-iron or low-iron fabrics and fabric coatings. For example, adding polyurethane to the outside of a polyester or poly-cotton garment gives a greater rigidity and smooth, non-creasing finish.   

       I am fairly sure that waxed trousers exist as a waterproofing measure, too.
pottedstu, May 22 2002

       I stand (rather, sit) corrected! Thanks! :-)
gb2000, May 22 2002

       I thought it was since Hector was a pup.
mrthingy, May 22 2002

       <Homer>mmmmmmm Waaaaaaaaax</Homer>
thumbwax, May 22 2002


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