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Wearable Webcam Network

So I can live someone else's life every once in a while
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I would like a search engine called Google "Be" Cam, where you can search for someone to "be" by seeing what they see and hearing what they hear. The interface would let you search with keywords and then show you a 10 x 10 matrix of live video feeds from the people's webcam sites that matched the keywords. Then you could click on the one you wanted to see and blow it up and experience it in sense-around or whatever. Of course this would require that a lot of people who belonged to the network wear their web cams around on their foreheads. But wouldn't you sacrifice that in order to be able to access this kind of a network at any time? People who were doing exiting shit all the time would become famous because people could experience their exciting shit vicariously. "In the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes"-- Andy Warhol. "In the future everyone will be famous every 15 minutes" -- JesusHChrist.
JesusHChrist, Oct 09 2005


       I would love to watch people do stupid/ perverse shit at the click of a mouse, however I'm not sure I would care to wear a cam myself. Fuck the people's entertainment, my friend.
Eugene, Oct 09 2005

       Malkovich?.... Malkovich Malkovich!......... MALKOVICH. Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich.
Antegrity, Oct 09 2005

       sp: Warhol
Adze, Oct 09 2005

       Assuming this will work...wow this is clever...we'll have a sort of mirror-loop type thing here. Person #1 looks through the eyes of Person #2, who is by chance, looking back through Person #1's eyes. The question is, what will they see?
Akabaka, Oct 09 2005

       [Akabaka], they will see "exciting shit", of course.
X2Entendre, Oct 09 2005

Antegrity, Oct 10 2005

       What about the people that the wearer walks by that does not want to be filmed ?
i-Mer, Oct 10 2005


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