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welcome to the Egodrone

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I want a drone to follow me everyday all day long. After all Im no criminal I have nothing to hide but I want to feel special or have people believe that I am special. I suspect a percentage of the population may have a similar secret desire right. This idea is kind of a service

1. Pay to have a drone follow you all day long every day just so that you can feel special. You could use this service to lend credibility to elaborate lies that you may or may not tell at the bar in the course of your efforts to pick up men or woman.

2. Pay to have a creepy reality tv show made about you with all of the footage captured from the drone alone. This would be run on a new TV channel with other customers videos. I see that this channel could help former military drone operators with a more comfortable transition back to real life via the lack of action-climax.

3. Red Carpet Treatment: I hate it when reflections or bright lights shine in my eyes however there are certainly people that always want to be in the spotlight and perhaps you know of some people that deserve the continual presence or annoyance of a shiny reflection or a blinding spotlight always on them.

vfrackis, Mar 09 2013


       Wait - you want to be pursued by a bagpiper?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 09 2013

       The category suggests other uses for your Egodrone
piluso, Mar 09 2013

       Wrong category I clicked without looking
vfrackis, Mar 09 2013

       [vfrackis] Paragraphs are your friend.   

       I'll come back when I am able to read the idea.
Klaatu, Mar 09 2013

       //Wait - you want to be pursued by a bagpiper?   

       I'm sure that one turned up in The Oxford Despoiler....
not_morrison_rm, Mar 12 2013

       You want to be followed by a worker bee?
xandram, Mar 12 2013

       See Iain M Banks’s science fiction novels for steamy baked goodness.
pocmloc, Mar 12 2013


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