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Weather Moderation Days

Kicking the habit a couple days a year
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Most of us have some addictive or obsessive habit: coffee, alcohol, tobacco, junk food, certain phrases, and excessive hand washing are a few possibilities.

It is not good to be ruled by your addictions. It is good to prove who the boss is sometimes. "No Stomach, I'm not getting the bacon double cheeseburger, even if it is so tasty, because I just ate an apple." And giving up that "absolutely necessary" cup of coffee in the morning may be good for your body and your mindset, in the long run.

I say we kick the habit of getting weather information for a couple of days a year. Nothing drastic; just 2 or 3 days to keep ourselves in check. (The exception to this being disastrous and dangerous weather approaching.) So the weather segment on your local television station may go something like:

"and now to Bob the Weatherman. Bob..." Thanks Susan. Well nothing serious in the weather today..............[dead air]....... "Is that it Bob?" "Yes sir-ee Susan. That's it. Nothing serious. Same for tomorrow too. Back to you Suzie"

Ahhhhh. Refreshing. We live life knowing we don't HAVE to now the humidity, time of tomorrow’s sunrise and the average estimated temperature. Do what you were planning on, despite what the weatherman may have said.

macncheesy, Jul 19 2007



       "My name is [normzone], and I'm an informationaholic".
normzone, Jul 19 2007

       I would *kind* of like to know whether it's going to rain or not - or is that extreme weather in your part of the world?   

       Oh wait, I live in Scotland, of course it's going to rain.
moomintroll, Jul 19 2007

       You should see the weather report over here (Dubai), the most exciting part is seeing if it's going to be 42C or 45C. But wait, what's that you say, wave height 30cm, I'd better wax my board.   

       "eeeeh, scorchio"
marklar, Jul 19 2007

       Am I allowed to look out the window on those days?
Galbinus_Caeli, Jul 19 2007

       How is this not WIBNI or advocacy?
nuclear hobo, Jul 19 2007

       I think it's actually a "Let's all".
marklar, Jul 19 2007


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