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Tornado b Gone!

Easily get rid of those pesky funnel couds.
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Ok, so far, much of the scientific minds of today who work with tornadoes often try to figure out how to warn people earlier. boring.

Two methods I propose to get rid of 'em.

1. Use existing computer resources to find out where the achilles heel of the tornado is. After plenty of research, or experimentation, etc. Setup a little firepower on a rather strong umbrella\parachute. Using some lasers or whatever, trigger the explosive when it is in the right location. The resultant blast of warm air might destabilize a tornado and it will rope off to oblivion.

2. Use wind farm turbines in another way- add on the ability to direct upwards, and blow the warm air near the ground up and into the sky, reducing the fuel a tornado runs off of. When not in use, or if they have failed and a tornado is near and its windy, they can recharge their underground batteries. Now you can get rid of tornadoes and be green!

knight of suburbia, Jun 15 2009

Thunderbird Machines http://en.wikipedia...underbirds_Machines
The huge civilian ones are towards the bottom of the page. [Aristotle, Jun 16 2009]

Hurricaine Diverter Hurricane_20Diverter
You could scale this down for your penny-ante funnel clouds. [bungston, Jun 17 2009]


       1. What existing computer resources? This amounts to "discover a way to destabilize a tornado", which is a good idea but not a new one.   

       2. Given that we're talking about finding the tornado's Achilles' heel, you're going to have to deliver the right amount of uprising air to the right spot, no? So, you're going to have a mobile wind farm?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 15 2009

       [knight of suburbia], two years of lurking without an anno and only now you've decided to speak up?   

       Well, welcome to the Halfbakery, and better luck next time.
normzone, Jun 15 2009


       [Wasn't it cool, that thing that all those reasearchers have been working on for years but haven't solved yet, and also that film was about, you know, hudson from aliens, what's his name and that Helen Hunt lady, you know her, the blonde one, yeah that movie was kinda about this too, yeah it'd be cool if we could just work out how to destabilise a tornado, and then we could...]
Custardguts, Jun 15 2009

       [m-f-d] CA ([Custardguts]'s anoxia)
lurch, Jun 15 2009

       I always wanted to try roping a dust devil.   

       Maybe a huge humvee, built on the kind of scale Thunderbirds used to work with, bearing a massive array of jet engines that point up might work.   

       Alternatively a single trained butterfly, possibly working on another continent ...
Aristotle, Jun 16 2009

       Tornado alley could become The Big Bowling Alley. Now that tornadoes are no more...   

       (Welcome to the asylum Mr. Knight.)
blissmiss, Jun 16 2009

       //Alternatively a single trained butterfly//
I like the way this one is going.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 16 2009

       Can't you train married butterflies?
pertinax, Jun 17 2009

       A little firepower? Bah! If you intend to pimpslap Mother Nature I say go big or go home. It has to be nukes. See link.
bungston, Jun 17 2009


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