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Weather Review

Be able to look back on the weather
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I might be missing something which is WKTE here but so far as I know I'm not, because that's how ignorance works isn't it?

I listen to weather forecasts and use weather apps. They tend to tell you what they think the weather will be like in the next few hours and days, and that's obviously useful. However, I sometimes want to know if the garden has missed out on rain overnight and whether I should go out and water it, and I would also like to know how reliable a forecast is. Other uses spring to mind, such as whether there's been a frost, whether something is flooded, whether people will have got sunburnt or whatever. It just seems really useful to know both what the weather has actually been, and to be able to assess how accurate the forecast is, perhaps to be able to compare different versions.

This is really simple then: have a weather app which includes the past. I feel this must surely be baked but I have yet to see it.

nineteenthly, Aug 23 2021

New Zealand Metservice https://www.metserv...church/past-weather
Yesterday (hourly), the past 30 days, or monthly for a few previous years. [neutrinos_shadow, Aug 23 2021]


Voice, Aug 23 2021

       It might be, [a1].
nineteenthly, Aug 23 2021

       [nineteenthly]; you just need to live somewhere better... see New Zealand Metservice website linky.
neutrinos_shadow, Aug 23 2021


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