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Webcam Tele-Mall

Remote Human Webcam Shopping Mall Service
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A shopping e-commerce web site where a consumer would login and select a real shopping mall located anywhere in the world from a map. (Mall of America or West Edmonton Mall, etc.) Then, a remote human shopper located at that chosen mall would begin walking around the mall with a webcam in their head attached to a wireless broadband internet device on their belt. The consumer would begin viewing a realtime streaming video of what the remote shopper is seeing from their webcam. A two way internet microphone and remote headset would be used to communicate so the consumer would then be able to direct the remote shopper to various stores in the mall, to select items for purchase or to just browse items before adding their cart ... for real. When the consumer is finished shopping, the remote human goes back to the remote shopping base in the mall where the items are added up. The consumer pays with a credit card online and the purchases are shipped to the consumer via overnight delivery.
Huge, Dec 10 2002

Mall of America http://www.mallofamerica.com
[Huge, Oct 04 2004]

Wearable Computers http://www.media.mit.edu/wearables/
[Huge, Oct 04 2004]


       why? isn't e-bay enough? and, believe it or not, there are other malls in the world than the one in West Edmonton and the big US one you know about. btw....how much are you planning on paying these "remote humans" for sitting around waiting for someone to call them and then for doing the shopping?
Marassa, Dec 10 2002

       If teenagers were trainable, there'd be no shortage of "remote shoppers" waiting at the mall.
half, Dec 10 2002

       I see this as being a fantastic money-making venture, if aimed at the rich and almost-famous (or at least that portion of which do not already have their own personal shoppers). Plus, it would make a pretty acceptable teenage job, n'est-ce pas?
yamahito, Dec 10 2002

       Retailers abhor information symmetry. I doubt many would be tolerant of people photographing their interiors. Not that they can stop it, of course.
LoriZ, Dec 11 2002


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