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Website Calendar auto entry

Website calendar event reminder auto fill
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When I find event dates, names and location information on websites, I have to manually enter this info in my reminder/calendar so that an alarm will go off days or hours before the event to notify me. I would like to be able to click on the event info on the website and have it automatically "auto-filled" in my event reminder system. I suggest that event information be displayed in a standard format that browser plug ins could be coded to recognize; a drop down box or other form of notice would appear on screen asking if the viewer would like to add this to their calendar/reminder program.
Sunstone, Mar 16 2008

web app protocol web_20app_20protocol
Badly titled, very similar idea. [jutta, Mar 16 2008]

SendMeReminder.com http://www.sendmereminder.com
automated reminder detection and scheduling [maciejg, Jan 24 2009]


       Baked! Kinda.. check out SendMeReminder.com, it is very close to what you're asking.
maciejg, Jan 24 2009


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