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Xpert Bakers

Who do you ask before you publish an idea that you think might be baked?
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The Xpert Bakers, I have an idea about:

Tortoises - ask Worldgineer

Film Noir - ask Hippo

Custard - ask Riposte

Nuclear ideas - ask Vernon

I've missed heaps of halfbakers with specialities but hopefully you get the idea, mentors or peer review for the bakery.

PiledHigherandDeeper, Jun 11 2003

Darwins HB http://www.halfbake...in_27s_20HalfBakery
(shameless self-promotion) [bungston, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Tact - ask someone other than Zanzibar.
Pseudonym #3, Jun 11 2003

       Zanzibar: firing off the annos for a newbie but no ideas posted yet!
PiledHigherandDeeper, Jun 11 2003

       Actually, between the choices - it's best to annotate before posting ideas, so you get a feel for the place. It's usually recommended to lurk around any site with a hint of depth (though it can get shallow) for a few weeks before uttering a peep.
thumbwax, Jun 11 2003

       Zanzibar: 20 odd annotations in the first day of account creation is a bit of a spray, that's all
PiledHigherandDeeper, Jun 11 2003

       //Who do you ask before you publish an idea that you think might be baked?//
Google. But you knew that already.
my face your, Jun 11 2003

       Just visualising //heaps of halfbakers// - could get ugly.
PeterSilly, Jun 11 2003

       //Time to pee on a few fire hydrants.// May I borrow that?
thumbwax, Jun 11 2003

       I can talk a mean glaciated landform. Also, if you're curious about quaternary geography or conservation, it's your lucky day. Otherwise I'm just a mattress with arms, legs and a head.
sambwiches, Jun 11 2003

       This is easily answered for any idea, probably by the same method you came up with your list within the idea:   

       Step 1: Browse the existing ideas in the category or categories that relate to your proposed one. If there are no similar ideas or categories to be found, use the search function with appropriate keywords. (You should be doing this anyway to avoid posting a redundant idea).   

       Step 2: Read the annotations for comments that seem particularly detailed and lucid.   

       Step 3: Click the annotators name and check their profile page for an email address.
krelnik, Jun 11 2003

       PHandD - I wouldn't ask Vernon about nuclear ideas if I were you. You may have looked at the theme in his posts - but did you see how many fishbones were against them???
goff, Jun 11 2003

       Don't listen to blissy, she hasn't posted any ideas. ;-)
Worldgineer, Jun 11 2003

       ooh ooh ooh can I be the expert on tosaters and shopping trolleys?
kaz, Jun 11 2003

       I have fallen for a tosater - should I meet him in a pubic place?
po, Jun 11 2003

       I married a shopping trolley, but now he's developed a game wheel. Can I just push him into the river?
pluterday, Jun 11 2003

       ok so I made a spelling mistake big deal.
kaz, Jun 11 2003

       And barely any buns for the Darwin HB function. See how much fun it can create?
bungston, Jun 11 2003


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