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A niche service for adventurous partners: Weightless sex!
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While sitting on my front porch, I started thinking about the "mile high club." Certain adventurous types are turned on by sex in an airplane, many miles in the air. What about the next level: sex in a weightless environment? Outer space would be cost prohibitive, but what about those planes that climb high, and then freefall? Usually the government trains astronauts and pilots for zero gravity with this kind of thing. Could this be done by a private organization? A plane that is rented for a certain amount of time, for the sole propose weightless sex? I would probably pay a reasonable fee for such a service, and I know others would too.
JRandMoby, Sep 27 2002

Straight Dope: Sex in Space http://www.straight...lassics/a4_214.html
[jutta, Sep 27 2002]

Porn Flick: The Uranus Experiment 2 http://us.imdb.com/Details?0259705
Rumor has it, they rented an air plane to film some short zero-g sex scenes. Rumor also has it the results were somewhat disappointing. [jutta, Sep 27 2002]

Nude Penn in Space http://www.quut.com...ive/penn-how-to-fly
Most of what I know about private-enterprise parabolic flights, I know from this short article. (I linked to this last time, too, sorry for the repeats.) [jutta, Sep 27 2002, last modified Jan 16 2005]

(?) Greek Sex Survey http://www.halfbake...reek_20Sex_20Survey
self, centrifuge, parachute and weightless sex [FarmerJohn, Sep 27 2002]


       It sure wouldn't cost much if you're quick, too. Might only take one descent.
Wes, Sep 27 2002

       So much for the earth moving.
reensure, Sep 27 2002

       Didn't we just discuss this?
jutta, Sep 27 2002

       'We' as in the group, or 'we' as in jutta and JRandMoby
[ sctld ], Sep 27 2002

       jutta, your knowledge of pornographical films astounds me.
[ sctld ], Sep 27 2002

       Yeah, I should really watch some one of those days.   

       I've heard about "Wham, bam, thank you m'am", but at 30 seconds per zero-gravity segment inside the "vomit comet" you may be pushing it a bit.
jutta, Sep 27 2002

       Must've been very selective editting.
[ sctld ], Sep 27 2002

       30 seconds is more than enough. You just have to get the puke out of your system first, though.
VeXaR, Oct 11 2002


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