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Whacky Cubicle Phone

Now transfer, and stretch, and transfer, and stretch...
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Operator: How may I help you?

Customer: I want my money back, you #@$%ing idiot!

Operator: One moment please while I transfer you...

[Operator looks at the set of wireless punching bags, numbered 0 through 9... punches the necessary numbers in sequence... feels much better, and builds muscle tone as well.]

[Optional pre-programmed punching bags, so that only one bag has to be punched for transfer to take place.]

[Even better, both customer and operator would have their own set, and would engage in a good virtual spar.]

[Also has a foot-pedal Pick-Up-the-Phone device/kicker for further stress release. And to top it off, a soft mallet is furnished so that the frustrated employee can whack the intermittently popping up Mute/Hold Moles. Optionally, the Moles could be set up for phone dialing purposes, although missing a whack could cause great tribulation. Note that the headset comes complete with the alien antennae of your choice.]

polartomato, Aug 02 2002

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       Is this a trend towards larger mobile phones with punching bag keys upon which one can work off one's anger? Or maybe a phone booth that can return a body punch or left hook.
FarmerJohn, Aug 02 2002

       If you could somehow project the face of the caller onto the punchbags, this would be the ultimate Tech Support stress toy.
calum, Aug 02 2002

       Sorry, wrong mole-whack.
waugsqueke, Aug 02 2002

       Maybe it could have a keypad on the punching bag, so a rapid amount of hits could take place but you don't have to go to each diffrent punching bag.
paranoid, Aug 03 2002

       Lots of whacked out cubicle dwellers with "present-tramatic-stress disorder" from toxic management, customers, coworkers, etc. could really benefit from this. Way cool. Someone, somewhere, BAKE THIS! idea.
thecat, May 03 2003


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