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What if the Romani took over Rome

The Right of Return
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I dont mean this to be political, just crazy, because this is a site for crazy ideas, but Im reading a book right now where they talk about the right of return for Jews to Israel, because Jews have been ostracized all over the world. The Romani people have also been ostracized all over the world, so what about a right of return for the Romani people, to Rome?

Barring that the Romani people didn't come from Rome, this would have the advantage that it would give Italy another chance at world domination and be a controversial but beneficent sort of hard-to-argue-against Catholic sort of thing to do. They could start by taking over the Vatican, the new liberal pope could disband the centralized Catholic Church and distribute all of the top tier Catholics around the world to missionary feet-washing positions and allow the Vatican to become the worldwide Romani headquarters. Then the Romani could launch a movement to get everyone else to renounce ownership and start travelling, thus ending the centralized rental hierarchy of land ownership that is providing us with the bad model that all of the online companies are following, and introducing a little chaos into the world order that might fall out as a more distributed model.

JesusHChrist, Jun 24 2017


       India. They come from India
theircompetitor, Jun 24 2017

       Great ideA. If we were all hunter-gatherers, the world might be able to support a population of several million people.   

       I take it you assume you would be one of them*, and that you never liked the other seven billion very much anyway.   


       *I like to call this the Carly Simon effect, with reference to the song "you're so vain". It's a sort of opposite of Rawlsian ethics, and is important for understanding the enduring popularity of occultism, pyramid sales and Abraham Maslow.
pertinax, Jun 25 2017

8th of 7, Jun 25 2017

       If you let the Romani run Rome, then you'll end up with a situation similar to having the French run France, and look at the mess that made.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 25 2017

       Can't be worse than letting the English try to run England.
pocmloc, Jun 25 2017

       Yes it could be. It could be like letting the French try to run France.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 25 2017

       Likewise, we should give Australia to the Austrians
hippo, Jun 25 2017

       // Likewise, we should give Australia to the Austrians//   

       There's about 2 square kilometres of Australia where the heat stroke wouldn't be promptly lethal to an Austrian, but only for about 4 months out of the year where the sun isn't too close.
Custardguts, Jun 25 2017

       They could always go to Canberra ...
8th of 7, Jun 25 2017

       " It's a sort of opposite of Rawlsian ethics "   

       Lou Rawls ?
normzone, Jun 26 2017

       //They could always go to Canberra ...//   

       ...Aren't there specific stipulations in the Geneva convention about cruel and unnecessary treatment?   

       Most Australians prefer to go about their lives pretending Canberra doesn't exist. The others go about their lives wishing they didn't live in or near Canberra.
Custardguts, Jun 26 2017

       //Lou Rawls ?//   

       No, that's just a plug for someone.
pertinax, Jun 27 2017

       The proposition that one can arrive at a principle of justice best from a position of complete ignorance of one's position in a society in which that principle is to operate.
nineteenthly, Jun 27 2017

       Likewise, we should give Poland to the Polari
hippo, Jun 27 2017

       And Wales to the Whales
pocmloc, Jun 27 2017

       They wouldn't want it. Really, they wouldn't. Even the welsh don't want it.
8th of 7, Jun 27 2017


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