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Who Sings That?

A new game show
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A half-hour game show

Round one (ten minutes): four contestants select questions from categories: Rock, Country, Hip-Hop, Standards, Pop, etc. The contestant with control of the board (Jeopardy-style) picks the first category. A song title appears along with audio of a recording of it. First to buzz in with the correct artist scores. Winner picks the next category - this goes on for ten minutes.

Round two (five minutes): Top three contestants from round one in the lightning round - a song plays with no category or title displayed. First to buzz in with the correct artist scores. This continues for five minutes.

The showcase of the show - the final round (fifteen minutes) top two contestants square off.

Three star singers, behind a silhouetted screen, perform the same song live - a well-known tune, not previously recorded by any of the three singers. Before the performances, the contestants are told the song they will be performing, and they bid a total amount of their points. After the performances, the contestants secretly try to identify the three mystery artists by full name. They get the bid amount of points for each one they got right, they lose the amount for each one wrong.

I'd love to watch this. I should pitch it to a network.

globaltourniquet, Aug 16 2007

Shooting Stars http://en.wikipedia...wiki/Shooting_Stars
best tv game show EVER - check out "Club Style" song feature if you can find [xenzag, Aug 16 2007]

"Club Style Singing" http://video.google...e=search&plindex=13
as referred to in other link - Reeves and Mortimer [xenzag, Aug 16 2007]

Spicks and Specks http://en.wikipedia..._Specks_(TV_series)
Has all the individual game elements you describe, but in a different overall format, with less empasis on competition and with plenty of co-operation, humour, and wit. [spidermother, Nov 10 2011]


       This would make a pretty good radio game show, too. But I want more drama in the final round. Lose two of the three singers and introduce some kind of a count-down?   

       Maybe also an element where the candidates can *tell* the mystery singer(s) in advance - so they can practice - which tune to perform. (Or just give them through the ad break.) Hilarity ensues as Madonna butchers "Maria", Marilyn Manson belts out a surprisingly angelic Halleluja, and Tom Jones ... gets to do a Tom Jones song, confusing everybody with how much he sounds like Tom Jones.
jutta, Aug 16 2007

       If nothing else, it could be a great drinking game !
Hairy Sock, Aug 16 2007

       Great game, until you end up with 'word up' and have too many bands to choose from
miasere, Aug 16 2007

       //Great game, until you end up with 'word up' and have too many bands to choose from//   

       That would be Cameo. What do I win?*   

       I like this idea, but I'm not sure about the final round. Seems like it might be overly difficult in some cases, dead giveaway in others. Then again, it is the final round. What if you re-arranged? Start with 3 contestants and make your final round the Big Bonus Round?   

       *Unfortunately I didn't need to use Google to get this answer. I'm not proud.
Noexit, Aug 16 2007

       Word up was origanally by Cameo, but there are covers by Korn, Mel B, Gun, The BossHoss and Willis
miasere, Aug 16 2007

       What choo talking about - Willis?
lostdog, Aug 16 2007

       By mid-season, they'd be down to the B-list, I guess.   

       "That was Randy Newman, Olivia Newton-John and Charo singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Hank."   


       Then the three stars would do a closing song.   

       [miasere] - I already covered for that - you have to identify the artist performing on the selected audio track.
globaltourniquet, Aug 16 2007

       On the surface this idea appeared to be flawless, but then I realized that in any half-hour TV show there is typically just 22 minutes of actual content, less if you include time spent by the host schmoozing with the contestants. You'll have to adapt, let's say round 1 goes to seven minutes and the final round to ten minutes.   

       Apart from that, I wish you the best of luck getting all the various recording labels, multimedia companies, groups, performers, songwriters, agents, rightsholders, and their armies of lawyers to grant permission to have segments of their "intellectual properties" played on television without having to pay for licensing rights and broadcast privileges. And you had better hope the show does *not* to go into syndication where an episode could be repeated hundreds of times over because you'd have to pay those same fees each and every time the show is aired. Anywhere in the world. Of course you could blank out or bleep out each song as required, but that wouldn't be as much fun to watch.   

       Sorry to rain on your parade. I really do like the premise, though.   

       And here I thought the final song was Smashmouth, Moby, and Lil Kim doing that old Association hit "Windy".
Canuck, Aug 17 2007

       [Canuck] - that's why I'm pitching it to a Network. They have the clout and money to secure all those rights. It's how American Idol et al work, right?
globaltourniquet, Aug 17 2007

       Hm. I wonder whether "pop-music game shows" is heating up as a genre. Anyone else see "The Singing Bee" on NBC? (Band plays music with non-original singer singing pop tune. Singing stops. Contestant who can continue the chorus singing the correct words moves on to another round.)
Harder than it looks - which makes it kind of painful to watch, even those few contestants who *can* hit a note.
jutta, Aug 22 2007

       I know, and they are so pedantic about those lyrics on that singing bee show - it makes me feel somehow vindicated in my own pendantry.   

       One woman got X'd for singing "every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man" when the actual lyric is "every girl crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man".   

       youknow, [jutta], I couldn't really find a category for this one. Maybe the zeitgeist is calling for one...
globaltourniquet, Aug 22 2007

       OK, I see that now. Why is that not under "culture: television" I wonder, which is where I limited my search. Categorization is not exactly cut-and-dried, is it? If it were, we might be able to construct a reliable object oriented database of everything...
globaltourniquet, Aug 22 2007

       I'm sure Spicks & Specks do this
simonj, Nov 18 2011


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