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Who Wants to be a Millionaire? (X-Treme Version)

Mix the current format with good old hooliganism.
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Format is basically the same. Answer questions, and if you're good enough, you could win a million big ones.

However, this version will be much harder (and to the viewer, possibly more interesting), due to the inclusion of "distractions".

Distractions? Yep.

Like how the guy who cues in the theme music is allowed to play it any and every time he wants (at several times the regular volume!), how the spot lights keep moving around much like a nightclub, and most importantly, how people in the audience (which is expanded from it's original size) are able to yell, scream, cheer and jeer at the contestant, each other, or just for the hell of it.

mrkillboy, Jul 01 2000

psst...(m-i-l-l-i-o-n-a-i-r-e)! http://www.halfbake...heck_27_20Ink_20pen
Don't be embarrasessed. I came up with the idea cause I need one tooo. [julien, Jul 01 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       add an extra lifeline: In exchange for a finger, you get a "do over."
ChachieWawa, Jul 03 2000

       How about the one person more annoying than Regis to host: Kathy Lee?
AM_Jenni, Jul 03 2000

       God no!!!!! Not Kathie Lee!!!I will commit suicide if I have to see her on that show.She is annoying.How about the one person more annoying than her:Fran Drescher? Or how about Monica Lewinski?
alien_monkey_1, Jul 03 2000

       ... or .. I know! Chris Tarrant! The distractions would be flying custard pies and gunge. Or maybe 'endurance'-style distractions (cockroaches in underpants, crabs clamped to nipples, feet on fire etc..) P.S. isn't the arcade machine a dead cert payout?
rangelife, Jul 03 2000

       "You have 1 grand, no lifelines and one member left.". "No Chris, It looks like I'm as thick as $h!t, I think I'll take the money."
rangelife, Jul 03 2000

       Fantastic idea! They ought to really *earn* that money. Let's turn the whole thing into an experiment in social Darwinism: make it widely known that there will be no security checks for the audience. If your missile knocks the current contestant out of his chair, you get to take his place.
wordmama, Jul 03 2000

       It would be too tempting to throw things at Chris Tarrant instead. Smug git that he is. "I'm going to kick your arse Chris!" "Are you sure?" "Yes" "You don't want to change your mind?" "No Chris, I'm going to take the money and kick your arse." "Final answer?" *THUMP"
MrTheRich, Jul 04 2000

       I think people should be required to have much bigger distractions, like extreme heat or noxious smell. They can use a lifeline to get a popsicle or gas mask. Regis could read the questions while eating a popsicle.   

       Also, there should be an occasional question in which the right answer is not posted at all, or there are two right answers, but they don't tell you (make people burn 50/50s for nothing).   

       Finally, to make it extremely difficult, have all the questions read in a foreign language (Swahili and Esperanto come to mind).
jeanlucp, Jul 07 2000

       Sounds sort of like the adult version of "Double Dare." (Alas, I date myself.)
spleen, Aug 10 2000

       how about instead of a finger - a blood donation or an organ donation - sell a kidney or a lung to gain a life (we really need to see those organ donations flowing in folks)
cuckooland, Oct 20 2000

       It should be more of a gamble. They should have to put their house up a collateral. Get two questions wrong and its goodnight 'dunroamin'.   

       Or electric shocks. That would be fun.
graham Anderson, Jun 07 2001

       This reminds me of the red dwarf epp: holoship(I think). Rimmer has to pas an incredebly dificult exam in several different languages. He actualy cheats by downloading a load of geniuses into his head.   

       How about having the ocasional maths question just to drive them mad (imagine the ask the audience - trig with no calculators anyone?)
RobertKidney, Jun 07 2001

       They should make it like the game show "Distraction" and instead of starting out with nothing, they should burn(or shred) the money (Which is fake, but they don't know that) every time they get a question wrong, and they only get the money that's intact at the end. And they should have "Phone a complete stranger" like at the "Play it" version at disney world. or make the seat shock them at random.
Xcubeds, Jun 22 2005


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