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Bluetooth Tube Bingo

Guess the username, win a seat.
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The object of the game is to guess the Bluetooth username used on the phone of a passenger occupying a seat.

1) Stand in the middle of your Underground carriage, and use your mobile phone to scan for other visible Bluetooth devices.

2) Select a device name from the list, and using your best judgement, select a likely looking candidate for that name.

3) Stand in front of your selection, and attempt to pair your phone with theirs.

- If your selection is incorrect, you must throw both hands in the air, and proclaim "Ognib!"

- However, if the person's phone beeps, exclaim the following: "BINGO! <username>, by the rules of Bluetooth Bingo, you must now relinquish your seat".

If the victim refuses to accept your ruling, all players should attempt to embarrass the reticent seatee by ignoring them to the full extent of the law.

Dub, Jun 11 2009


       That would be "Bluetooth Bus Bingo" at the moment, wouldn't it?   

       But a brilliant idea. [+]
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 11 2009

       Surprisingly, I was on the Northern, JLE and DLR earlier - All running with limited service - That's where the game was dreamt-up   

       * Works on buses and post-office queues, too
Dub, Jun 11 2009

       I like this idea, possibly because my phone is purposefully far too low-tech to have Bluetooth.
Aristotle, Jun 12 2009

       //my phone is purposefully far too low-tech to have Bluetooth//
I suppose the advantage of such a low-tech approach to communications is that if your connection is ever broken, you can simply re-knot the string.
coprocephalous, Jun 12 2009

       //all players should attempt to embarrass the reticent seatee by ignoring them// - but surely this is just default Tube behaviour?
hippo, Jun 12 2009

       That's right. It is... at the moment.
Dub, Jun 12 2009


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