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Wife texting service

pull down menus of fresh, involving, nurturant things you send to your wife, who has been psychologically tested (big 5)
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I am unmarried, but have experienced stale relationships. Just perhaps an AI texting service could suggest things, that like a good host at a party, keep things going.

The big five psychology text has about 3000 papers on it at pubmed. It has five areas each with an amount of salience to the personality. This, from both (or more) people, could be used as the basis of the AIs unique texts, which the sender scrolls through to find one they like.

"instead of dinner and a movie why don't we take recreational drugs and bring the kids to a science museum!"


"instead of getting high and taking the kids to a science museum why don't we hire a housecleaner and go to a free art museum"

beanangel, May 29 2018


       //send to your wife, who has been psychologically tested//
MaxwellBuchanan, May 29 2018

       The past decade of marriage has certainly been a psychological test.
RayfordSteele, May 29 2018

       Hmm! Disappointed. I was hoping this was a service where I could send a text and receive a suitable wife in the post. I'm still waiting for my Russian & Thai brides to turn up, by the way. I hope they didn't lose the money I sent them for the air fare.
DrBob, May 29 2018

       Could she not cut out the middleman by sleeping with her psychiatrist?
pertinax, May 29 2018

       Ah, the big 5, the idea that two people, one of whom is very dominant and the other of whom is very sociable have essentially the same personality. The idea that jealousy is equivalent to moodiness. Or that if I'm reliable and you're ambitious we're two of a kind. Yet another shining example of the predictive work done by modern sociologists. The humanities are a veritable wellspring of unbiased work and are certain to start giving us something useful any day now.
Voice, May 30 2018

       They've given us all kinds of useful things: the economic benefit of an open market for the selling of otherwise completely useless items, like Windows 10.
RayfordSteele, May 30 2018

       //I am unmarried, but have experienced stale relationships// - "stale" and "stable" both make some sense in this sentence
hippo, May 30 2018

       bean your an angel
pashute, May 30 2018

       well, at least it's not a wife sexting service
theircompetitor, May 30 2018


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