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Wireless Workout Terminals

Productivity Even In The Gym
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Seems like this might exist already but my quick searches on-line didn't find any mention of it....

One of the more annoying aspects of working out in the gym (especially for stiarsteppers, treadmills and stationary bike) is the sheer boredom of the task. Televisions don't always work because many times you have to share them with others and fight for channels. And no solutions I've seen so far are even remotely productive.

The idea has three parts.

The first is to equip exercise machines with a special touchscreen LCD display big enough to be useful but not big enough to be cumbersome. It would also have to withstand sweaty fingers, rough smacks with fingertips and cleaners used in a gym.

The second part is to create a theme/skin for the PC base-OS that would allow you to use finger-sized screen elements so that you can navigate without a mouse and make selections on the screen easily.

The third part is to create a new PC peripheral that provides a wireless link to that display unit so that I can use the display on the exercise equipment like my mouse/keyboard/montior but I could leave my PC on the floor next to me.

Moving from machine to machine would move my display with me. And adding a WiFi hot-spot in the room would make it all the better.

Now you can be stressed out and you can relieve your stress in only one trip. And imagine being able to clock your time in the gym as actual work hours.

squishy, Mar 10 2005

Dreadmill http://www.e-crit.com/dreadmill
A project which led to similar thoughts. [Thlayli, Mar 12 2005]


       I'd rather just listen to my Ipod and zone out.
thefullrob, Mar 10 2005

       It is to be noted that it is REALLY hard to do several things at once and trying to run while operating a PC or even reading is asking for disaster. A simple interface is a must.
Thlayli, Mar 12 2005


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