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An adult game for you and your significant other
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What with divorce rates at an all-time high and extra-marital affairs reaching epidemic proportions, Wii-Fi has arrived in the nick of time.

Now you can spice up your love life under the expert hands-on tutorlage of Mario. Just remember to rinse the wand before your children play with it.

Yes, yes we all know it's just a pun.

marklar, Sep 13 2007

(?) Wii Sex http://video.google...1696609716617283701
Frankly, this video is a whole lot funnier than your post. [DrCurry, Sep 13 2007]


       This has been proposed and implemented by a whole bunch of wags, as a widely distributed YouTube video, as Wii accesories, as off-the-cuff jokes.   

       So I think you really need to be very specific about how this game is played, how it is scored, and what accessories are required.
DrCurry, Sep 13 2007


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