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WinAmp OS

linux based OS for mp3 management
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Bear with me, first time baker here.

I've been looking for a small-footprint OS that's basically a stand-alone MP3 management system. I can't seem to find one, so here's my half-baked idea:

Take your old PC's, with decent hard drive space, and load up this Linux based OS, consisting of mp3 management software. A simple player, list manager, with FTP support for easy MP3 transfer.

Optimum configuration would be through an IR Remote, but mouse control would work through.

A remote-control via web interface could be slick, too.

RockCrawler, Apr 27 2006

Linux on an iPod http://pag.csail.mi...van/hacks/ipod.html
Making mp3 based stereo systems with linux is commonplace. Doing it on an iPod is somewhat more rare, but here's a start. [Jinbish, Apr 27 2006]

Someone else trying to get Linux running on a 350Mhz machine http://linux-blog.o...arch-Continues.html
[Jinbish, Apr 28 2006]


       It might be interesting to see what os the mp3 players already use, and see if it's possible to port that over to a more traditional computer.   

       If you're interested in Linux, there are some really tiny-footprint versions available that will do little more than boot up. Then it's just a matter of installing whatever programs you want to run (mp3-player, ftp thing, etc)   

       Going off on another tack, I believe there are ways of installing Linux onto your iPod...
zen_tom, Apr 27 2006

       Welcome [RockCrawler] How about running WinAmp on XP on Wine on Knoppix? I'm sure you could get I^2C and and IRDA interface in there, too.   

       Sadly all are baked, so not much HalfBakery going on, but it might be interesting and fun.
Dub, Apr 28 2006

       perhaps i wasn't quite clear... i'm looking toward an appliance. something that you can use to play mp3's via home stereo. I hope to use my old 350mhz compaq, with a 40g drive full'o'mp3's. I'd like it to boot and start playing mp3's. If i could manage the playlist remotely, it'd be a bonus.
RockCrawler, Apr 28 2006

       Ah. That's pretty doable. Put 'linux mp3' into google.
Jinbish, Apr 28 2006


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