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Windmill Spinners

Why have the spinners spin forwards?
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It seems to me that spinners on the rims of cars only really look cool when the car is stopped. This is because when the car is moving, the spinners are spun the same direction as the rims, meaning that you can't really see any difference between them. I propose spinners that stick out maybe an inch from the rim and have the shape of a windmill. They could be made very light with aluminum so that they'd be easy to move. When you go forward, the air spins the spinners backwards, which has the potential to look pretty neat when the car is moving, especially if one decided to put L.E.D.s on them as well.
acurafan07, May 12 2007

A windmill http://www.hermosab...aphics/oldmill2.jpg
This was what I was thinking for the shape of the spinners. [acurafan07, May 12 2007]


       Disappointed - I was picturing actual windmills with large chrome spinners.
nuclear hobo, May 12 2007

       Disappointed - I was hoping for an idea from acurafan that was about something other than cars. Hope springs eternal.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 12 2007

       Well the fact that I put in a "Car" category...
acurafan07, May 12 2007

       I guess that should have forlerted me.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 12 2007

       How about 4 spinners in a helical gear setup, and those 16 spinners each have 4 spinners in them, and those 64 spinners have 4 spinners in them, and those 256...etc.
Giblet, May 13 2007


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