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Tire Hair Remover

Remove those "hairs"!
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Anyone who has purchased new tires recently has encountered those little "hairs" that are all over the surface of the tire. Some people feel that they detract from the appearance of the tire. These small rubber spikes or "Hairs" are artifacts of the molding process being the location of small vent holes to ensure all air is out of the mold.

I propose a small razor(like an old style razor for your face or legs) like device that holds a standard razor blade and has 4 small wheels on either edge(like a reel type lawn mower)

This device is rolled over the surface of the tire to trim off these rubber "hairs" and leave a clean smooth look on your new tires.

Inspired by "Wheel Hair Remover" posted by [Ling].

jhomrighaus, Mar 05 2007

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       Why do those annoy you? Don't they wear off by the time you drive home anyway? But, hey, this is the halfbakery, so (+)
Galbinus_Caeli, Mar 05 2007

       Your tire's ailment is one of lack, not of excess. Consider the linked: Tire Fur!
bungston, Mar 05 2007

       Possibly the most neurotic complaint I've ever heard. But hey, good idea to take care of the problem.
Noexit, Mar 05 2007

       I love the hair. It's like the smooth surface on a fresh jar of Marmite. [-]
wagster, Mar 05 2007

       [wagster] This idea is about a device to remove the hair on a tire if one is not interested in having it there. It is not a statement for or against the hair itself. For those individuals who do not like the hair this device is intended for its removal.
jhomrighaus, Mar 05 2007

       [Galbinus_Caeli] Those hairs are also present on the sides of the tires and some of those can last for years.
jhomrighaus, Mar 05 2007

       I've never heard them called hairs before...
BJS, Mar 05 2007

       //Those hairs are also present on the sides of the tires and some of those can last for years.// do they turn grey with age?
xenzag, Mar 05 2007

       sp: tyre
po, Mar 05 2007

       "tire" is how Americans spell it, I don't know where you live po.
BJS, Mar 05 2007

       actually [po] it was the play on words that inspired the idea, I actually could care less about them but it seemed like the perfect half-baked invention.
jhomrighaus, Mar 05 2007

       I don't think the little nubs are manufacturing artifacts, but rather a security feature. Since they wear off so quickly and are very difficult to replicate, one can be assured the fuzzy tires they bought haven't been used.
Aq_Bi, Mar 06 2007

       The product is aimed at those who dislike the hairs on their tires. I would venture to believe that one who would buy this product would feel that the hairs are negative and as such want to remove them. The point is that this is not an idea about tire hair being bad its an idea about a device to remove the hair. I think it should be judged on its purpose and not on whether we like or don't like the hairs. But that is just my opinion of course.   

       For what it is worth I have noticed that the hairs or nubs seem to be missing from higher end tire models and only appear on the lower end models. Perhaps this indicates that someone in the tire industry feels they might be detrimental to the sales of higher end tires????
jhomrighaus, Mar 07 2007

       There I edited the idea and am no longer making any statement as to the desirability of tire hairs only that some people do not like them and if they don't then this can remove them.
jhomrighaus, Mar 07 2007

       sp: weather - whether   

       These spelling problems are getting very tyring
TheLightsAreOnBut, Mar 07 2007


       Please tell me you only took that as an opportunity for a pun and not that you are actually applying pedantry to annotations now.
jhomrighaus, Mar 07 2007


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