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XY Graphpaper Tyres

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If you printed a regular XY square graph paper style pattern unto car tyres, then any variations in the otherwise regular geometry of the rubber would become visually obvious very quickly. Ink sensitive to ultraviolet light could be used to add greater impact.

I'm posting this idea because one of my car tyres developed a dangerous low level distortion along the length of one of its walls, and it was only apparent on close inspection with the tyre completely removed.

xenzag, Nov 19 2017


       Do you mean on the sidewall or the tread?
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 19 2017

xenzag, Nov 19 2017

       Wouldn't it be more r-theta than XY?
nineteenthly, Nov 19 2017

       This might help to elucidate why tyres only go flat on the bottom.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 19 2017

       I thought about how the treads of tires could be replaced with a different rubber shape to make advertising images and messages like "ORT saves lives."   

       Aside from the offroaders this might work well in the developing world where they have more dirt roads
beanangel, Nov 19 2017

       Tires need to become more space-efficient. If you could convince the air to only stay at the bottom, that would clearly save a good deal of room
RayfordSteele, Nov 19 2017

       //unto// into, on to, to, until   

       So is it, unseen till the problem arises or is it a visible reference that warps?   

       The second, on white walled tires, with velocity, could be altered to be trippy.
wjt, Nov 21 2017

       //unto// into, on to, to, until. Look up "unto". The distortion of a regular grid makes any aberration clearly visible.
xenzag, Nov 21 2017

       People aren't going to like the aesthetics which is the usual case with safety. There must be a cool rotational optical illusion that doesn't work if the tire is dangerous. Invisible ink would be better because it could be used for all tires.   

       Wasn't someone working on bleeding materials to show fracture damage.
wjt, Nov 22 2017


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