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Window cleaning robot

Woomba, like Roomba, but cleans windows
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Just create a small spider looking robot, whose legs will use suction to attach itself to a window, it will travel and thoroughly clean each inch of a window. As a bonus, it could also be used on cars, imagine just parking your car as you always do in your garage, place the Woomba on top of your car and drive off in spotless car every morning.
romanmar, Aug 06 2004

One of Several on the Market http://www.robosoft...orges-pompidou.html
...but it won't do your car... [bpilot, Oct 04 2004]

And Another http://news.bbc.co....sci/tech/673265.stm
...which appears as if it could crush your car... [bpilot, Oct 04 2004]


       I'de pay 1000 easy for one if it cleaned a car, same price like that Aibo robot by sony. It would prolly make economic sense too, $5 for outside cleaning of a car times 200 times, not to mention gas money and time.
romanmar, Aug 06 2004


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