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windshield blower

blows the water from the windows
  [vote for,

instead of wiping the windows u'll have a device at the head of any window of the car that blows air down the window and that way there's nothing blocking your view.
danitpe, Apr 21 2003


       The windshield tongue - now there's an idea...   

       Self-grooming cars are definitely the way forward.   

       "Hey! What's your car doing?"   

       "Just ignore it. It's licking its own exhaust again..."
lostdog, Apr 21 2003

       I don't see how it's going to work effectively, so I'm voting against it.
snarfyguy, Apr 21 2003

       Fishbone for blowing “down”.
Shz, Apr 21 2003

       The Saab 9000 had wing mirrors that had a gap between the mirror and the body of the car to allow the airflow over the front side windows to help keep them clearer. A similar feature is often built into the open 'wings' of the bridges of large ships. The airflow is ducted to deflect some of the rain that would otherwise lash the face of a salty seadog.
oneoffdave, Apr 22 2003

       I want [lostdog]'s wind-shield tongue. Maybe a shake function too, when it has been subjected to a heavy downpour....or been rolling in mud.....
silverstormer, Apr 22 2003

       I have seen this as a concept in Popular Mechanics magazine (try December or January). However, the one they showed followed the more logical direction of blowing air up from the bottom of the windshield.
galukalock, Jan 06 2004

       Isn't this sort of the same concept as Wind-X? Coat your windshield with this stuff and the wind, as you drive, blows away the rain. I've heard it works but I'm still using the ol' wipers here in rainy Seattle.
mack2, Jan 06 2004

       If the blowers and motors would have to be as large as the ones at carwashes, then it wouldn't work. I think they would have to be fairly large though in order to be effective, which would mean they'd still be much less efficient than regular wipers. If you could overcome this, than I would vote for it, otherwise it wouldn't be worth the inefficiency.
BJS, Jun 19 2006


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