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Windshift Alerts

Alerts you when weather reaches favorable/terrible conditions.
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We all know what it's like when you're trying to schedule a hang glider flight off Mt. McKinley but the weather just won't cooperate. The wind is 290 at 14kts and it needs to shift north and go below 10kts before you and your hang gliding squadron can safely execute that diamond stacked echelon roll. But what to do?! Sit around at the computer clicking refresh until the wind dies down? A better way would be to have a cell phone app that alerts you when the weather meets some preset conditions. For instance, you could tell it to alert you the second the wind goes below 10kts, or as soon as the temperature rises to a preset value.

Not to be confused with emergency or severe weather alerts, this app tells you when the weather meets your specific needs and updates you within seconds of a change.

DIYMatt, Jun 18 2012


       You can't wet a finger and hold it up?
UnaBubba, Jun 19 2012


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