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Wine-Tasting Facial Expression Database

visual language for describing wine
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Tonight one of my happy hour mates was trying to describe the taste of a wine to me and I was not getting it because he was using words like bitter and full and promiscuous and impertinent and it was feeling to me like Finnegan's Wake class and not like a pleasurable experience in vicariously experiencing the taste of a glass of wine. And then I said, what is "bitter".

And I and another of the happy hours mates decided that there needs to be a web video dictionary of wine-taste facial expressions.

It could feature famous wine critics and or anyone else who could express the taste they experience in a facial expression. The main thing would be the correspondence between the facial expressions and the words used to describe the taste of wines. People could vote on each facial-expression-taste-reaction in a wisdom-of-crowds, google-like, hot-or-not like voting system.

JesusHChrist, Mar 28 2009

Could be a module in the Video Gesture Dictionary Historical_20Video_20Gesture_20Dictionary
[JesusHChrist, Mar 28 2009]


       Different social circles may ascribe to different expressions. I, for examply, may usually resort to only one <blank stare followed by more drinking>, while others may carry a host of lets-all- pretend-this-shit's-da-bomb reactions.
daseva, Mar 28 2009

       //bitter and full and promiscuous and impertinent// That's because he knows bugger all about wine. People who know what they're talking about use useful descriptions like "citrus" or "cut grass" or "diesel".
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 29 2009

       Hmm... What word do they use to describe the flavor that makes you tilt your head, scrunch up one eye,stick your tongue out slightly, and shake while gagging?
ye_river_xiv, Mar 30 2009

       ...ans: sour ? +
xandram, Mar 30 2009


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