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Wireless Car Radio Sync

A Car stereo which syncs its music content from your home network
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With the increase in popularity of wireless home networks and the fact that most people park their cars within this wireless range why not have a wireless synchrnoisation of the music.

This device would be wireless enabled and automatically connect to your home network when parked outside (even when ignition is off).

Then some iTunes type software will synchronise with a library you have on your home PC.

Simply select all the mp3's you wish to have with you in the car - drag them into a sync list and then your car will make sure this music is always present to listen to when you are on the move.

AliMon, Sep 14 2005


       If you have the internet in your car you could always sign into your music downloading program and your account will open up in which you can play your music. If you have an mp3 player you can load the songs onto it and directly play them on your car through the radio using a simple adapter that costs about $30 I believe.
Kcsolutions123, Sep 14 2005

       This is true but firstly i don't think many people have internet in their car and secondly this is a labour saving device. I don't want to have a separate mp3 player which i have to manually load and then connect/disconnect to my nice car each time with a cheap wire. If i was bothered by cost i would just take my stack of CDs to the car with me ...
AliMon, Sep 14 2005

       Darn it... I was going to suggest a similar thing, which was a car stereo where the removable face was actually an MP3 player... which would mean that when you got into your car, with your 'face' full of MP3s, you'd attach it to your car which would..   

       a. Charge it b. Play the tracks from it c. Copy the tracks onto the Car Stereo's HD, for later play - or copy onto your 'face' as you drive/play   

       Then when you get to work, you have an MP3 player, fully charged, with a collection of tunes..   

       Not sure if this idea is better or not... the solution I'm thinking of more fits me than other people..   

       Is it bad form to ask whether I should post my idea up or not, on someone elses idea? Ah well, here I go...
Danzarak, Sep 20 2005

       While the device itself isn't baked, the concept is... (bun anyway)   

       The kind of ubiquitous services that mobile phone companies have been going on about (like flying cars) involve a person's devices managing a users content (like music) and maintaining the access.   

       The particular idea presented here follows an 'infostation' principle wear a mobile unit such as a car may stop in an area of coverage (outside your house) and receive downloads of some kind.
Jinbish, Sep 20 2005

       [Danzarak]: Just because you were polite enough to ask about form, you'll get a bun for me regardless. As for posting an idea... depends how similar it is - sound slike it's worth hearing to me.
Jinbish, Sep 20 2005

       if you use a random playlist a lot, seed the random generator with the time of day+date. Your playlist will still be random, but the same tracks will be played in your car and home.
nietsch, Sep 20 2005


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