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A list of people who might have killed you, and everything about them.
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This document accompanies a Will; it is called a Wont. It is a detailed list of your adversaries, where they live, why they hate you and any nasty details that might get them to crack if they did in fact kill you.
daseva, Jul 25 2008


       Hopefully this would be a short list.
Zimmy, Jul 25 2008

       Put me on yours. Just for giggles. In fact, I want to be one everyones list. Not that I want to do anyone harm, I just want to be on the list so. It'll throw off the profilers when you're done in by a serial killer.
Noexit, Jul 25 2008

       [daseva]&[Noexit]: "'"&"'". &[+].
nineteenthly, Jul 25 2008

       [+] Although it didn't help much in the case of Nicole Brown Simpson.   

       //might get them to crack if they did in fact kill you.// It got O.J. to write a book, "If I Did It". Does that count as cracking?
Klaatu, Jul 25 2008

       I thought that this was wont, as one is wont to do: for example, one who's "wont Is to say very sharp things and do very blunt." (from the OED, my bedside reading). If I really had my art about me I would have used some other compartably archaic anglosaxisms in this anno.
bungston, Jul 25 2008

       I just wont do it. (+)   

       and you cant make me.   


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