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World's Identity

Create World as a legal entity, and use it to account and pay for contributions for public benefit.
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The issue is, value only exists in context of supply and demand, and markets. However, those only exist in context of identities. If you want to work for the world, and the world has no identity, then you're out of luck, kind of. Among the most idealistic people create things for the world, in open source -- such as open source software, research, ideas, etc. -- and yet, these contributions are not appropriately valued, because legally there's no recipient identity.

The world identity would work like a global legal identity, and a default recipient of public contributions, that then people who write, speak, create, etc., could register their contributions for the global public benefit (registration IDs could be on something like Namecoin), and then get compensated for their contributions (i.e., "paid" by the world's identity).

Mindey, Oct 30 2019

Ecocide - Polly Higgins https://ecocidelaw.com/
Working to develop a legal framework for representation of the environment [Frankx, Nov 04 2019]


       //and then get compensated for their contributions (i.e., "paid" by the world's identity).//   

       A bit of explanation, plx.
FlyingToaster, Oct 30 2019

       Well, currently public sectors are represented via national governments, the organizations, where governments are partners, such as ISO, UN, etc., kind of work that way, paying for standards and security. So, the model may be workable, just not applied through enabling everyone to freely register their contributions, or create a market where they get their contributions registered.
Mindey, Oct 30 2019

       That explains the last two words in the sentence...
FlyingToaster, Oct 30 2019

__ ^__^_____/\_/\_
Mindey, Oct 31 2019

       Well we always called him Bob, so he's already got an identity.
Skewed, Oct 31 2019

       [Skewed], or is it Alice? So.. does the Bob receive all the GPL stuff? How is this being registered? Umm, and for that matter, how would it look like someone suing the Bob?
Mindey, Oct 31 2019

       How does the world take a defective contribution back to the shop, or get a refund?
pertinax, Nov 02 2019

       // How does the world take a defective contribution back to the shop, or get a refund?   

       Like, when someone comes up with a potentially damaging, dangerous idea on Halfbakery? I guess, via negative pricing, and fines, expressed via taxation on individual basis?   

       If DaVinci came up with mind-damaging art, which then ended up distributed via some priests. What ought the world do?
Mindey, Nov 03 2019

       Polly Higgins - Ecocide [link] is somewhat like this.
Frankx, Nov 04 2019


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