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Work gloves with zippers

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You go to your working gloves in the shed and see spider nest inside....



Workgloves with zippers to close the entrance = No spiders surprise.

mofosyne, Jul 11 2015


       I avoid this by buying new work gloves every time and wearing work gloves when I dispose of the old, unattended work gloves.   

       Are you on Reddit or did you just see that picture on Reddit?
DIYMatt, Jul 12 2015

       gotta love Australia.   

       Ziploc bag?
scad mientist, Jul 12 2015

       As my shed currently looks like that spider scene from that Indiana Jones movie, I'm going to need something more zippery.
LimpNotes, Jul 12 2015

       No need for zippers. When storing work gloves, simply pop a small scorpion in each one to control insect pests.
8th of 7, Jul 12 2015

       Yes, Yes, Yes. Amen. Need say no more.
blissmiss, Jul 12 2015

       8th, that's a horrible idea. The scorpions will escape. Obviously, a zipper across the wrist will prevent that problem.   

       Also, spiders are in the Arachnid family, and are therefore not "insect pests".
goldbb, Jul 12 2015

       Correct, hence the saying "Set a venomous nocturnal opportunistic carnivorous arthropod to catch a venomous nocturnal opportunistic carnivorous arthropod".   

       // The scorpions will escape //   

       Not if they're highly trained arachnopathic guard scorpions.
8th of 7, Jul 12 2015


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