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Working/Middle Class Monarchy

A Monarchy that works
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You see Queen Elizabeth, Prince Phillip the Duke of Edinburgh, and Charles Prince of Wales, all dressed up and Toff-like on the tele. Wouldn't it be good if the Queen, Edinburgh, and Wales, and the rest of the Royal Household acted like they are working/middle class.

'Phil' and 'Liz' would 'ask round' the neighbours for a BBQ, and tell them how sorry they are that 'Chaz' and 'Andy' only managed to get Budweiser, and forgot the 'Vodiee'. You sit down on their MFI MDF flat pack furniture and eat of a fluorescent plastic plate while you wait for 'Maggie' and 'Granma' to get drunk and start singing Karaokee tunes while the dog waits for scraps from the table.

[Just a thought]

[ sctld ], Apr 01 2001


       and not German.
arghblah, Jan 03 2002

       baked - Royle family - UK comedy
po, Jan 03 2002

       But they weren't actual real heads of state, they were heads of an estate.
[ sctld ], Apr 02 2002


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