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I've had a bit of a rare thing happen.While daydreaming about an idea I posted when I first stumbled in here, three more recent ideas kind of meshed together to form a way of possibly reshaping the planet we live on and literally unifying all of humanity...I think.
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So I was trying to come up with a clever way to revive my dinosaur extinction theory by turning it into a valid idea.
This theory was the idea which spawned the MFD for theories and I've always wanted to resurrect it somehow because I think it bears studying, so I dust it off every once in a while and see if anything has clicked yet.

The theory is this:
The Earth once spun a whole lot faster than it does right now which created the equatorial bulge that made the continent of Pangaea possible.
It also made objects on the surface of the planet weigh substantially less than those same objects do today, because centrifugal force was trying to fling them off of the planet much more strongly than it does at present.
I believe this slowing happened because of a massive impact at a tangent opposite the direction of the Earth's spin, slowing its rotation and decreasing this centrifugal force.
Anything massive would have dropped where it stood long before any ice age took hold.
Whales lost their legs, Mastodon shrunk to mammoth and then to elephant, and dragonflies with two foot wing spans became the tiny things they are now.
The loss of the equatorial bulge broke apart Pangaea and our modern continental plates still ride the interference ripples of that impact upon the Earth's molten core to this day.
I think that these unacknowledged ripple patterns need to be analyzed.
Recently I read that the plate tectonics resulting in North America's rocky mountains have reversed direction which leads me to think it may be the end of just such a series of ripples and therefore an excellent time to gather data.

aaanyway, the only way to turn this hairbrained theory into an idea is to figure out a way to prove it, right?
Well, after several years of on again off again contemplation I decided that dis jus ain't gonna hap'n.

I do not like this.

I've been gnawing on this theoretical bone for quite a while now and I just... I 'know' there's some marrow in there dangit!
Then I thought of my Gyrosphere idea, (don't read it, it's long, it's wrong), which made me picture the Earth as just one big spherical gyroscope, this got me to thinking about the Mass of Humanity idea, in which the whole population jumps vertically at the same time to measure the effect using laser interferometers, which made me think of Gyroscillation and how it is possible to speed up or slow down a gyroscope using the tiniest of movements if a sinusoidal wave is created which led to this idea.
<reaches end of run-on sentence and draws long breath>

The course of the 'tiniest of movements' which would create harmonic resonance and generate the sinusoidal wave needed to increase the speed of a gyroscope as massive as Earth is plotted and a series of satellites are launched to orbit the planet in line with this wave front.
Every town siren, intercom system, car radio and television would be programmed to emit a certain tone as the wave front is passing over, alerting people as to the fact that NOW is the time to jump to the west.
If you are driving in a westerly direction you'd punch the gas for a second if it was safe to do so. Easterly traffic would tap their brakes.

This wave would amplify, and over the stretch of a single generation we should be able to notice a measurable change in our planets rotational speed.

Over the course of several generations, the equatorial bulge will begin to reform, causing the continents to drift together resulting once again in a super continent...or at least an equatorial archipelago.
It may even be possible to create our own interference patterns in the wave to align the equator along whatever tilt we choose.

We'll all weigh less while living longer, with plenty of rainforest and beaches for all.


       Does this mean we have to do the jump every day for the rest of our lives? That sounds a little too much like fitness to me...   

       What about unforeseen consequences? This could be the end of mankind!   

       Too risky. [-]
Eggplant, Sep 14 2009

       I must give you a + just because it seems that you've agonized over the evolution of this. I don't know about the logistics, but I approve of anything that messes with time standards.
tatterdemalion, Sep 14 2009

       //Does this mean we have to do the jump every day for the rest of our lives? //   

       Maybe even several times a day, but only for anyone who cares enough to bother. If I am right and the change is noticable then more and more folks will jump on the westward bandwagon.   

       Hmm, I thought this name would refer to something else... I think I'll post it.
DrWorm, Sep 14 2009

       You finally did it 2fries! Congratulations. One of the very best halfbakery ideas ever+
zeno, Sep 14 2009

Or am I overlooking the Sar chasm?

       Really, I love your gyroscope idea and have been thinking about it sometimes. These theories you present are pretty out there but I like them. Most of all I like the way you create an idea with other ideas.
zeno, Sep 14 2009

       Well in that case, cool,
: )
I'm kind of tickled by it m'self, but would it work?

       Yeah, it would, you basic premise is sound.
zeno, Sep 15 2009

       Would not all the world's faults buffer the insey winsey cars' momentum transfer.
wjt, Sep 15 2009

       //Be normal! Crawl back in the box and shut the damned door! //   

       Even if I could wriggle my way back into the bag the box came in, I don't think I would.   

       //Would not all the world's faults buffer the insey winsey cars' momentum transfer.//   

       If I'm right about this then, yes.
Faults, tides, movements of the molten core, and opposing nudges would all damp wave until it amplified enough to effect these forces.
The wave will also travel at different speeds through different substances and would need many cycles to begin sychronizing into a coherent self sustaining pattern.

       My main concern is the effect this would have on the Pacific rim. It would take thousands of years for the continents to drift towards the equator so I don't forsee massive catastrophies or mountain ranges sprouting up in weeks or anything.
Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions seem like a distinct possibility, but I can't help but wonder if the new equitorial bulge wouldn't quell much of the PacRim activity because the land masses would all now be farther from the core, though the core itself would bulge as well, so...who knows?

       I don't think the wave would amplify. Old mother earth is just to complex, thankfully. I think a more uniformly made heavenly body would be needed.   

       One hell of a super computer would be needed to guess at timings to help the amplification.
wjt, Sep 16 2009

       You may be right on both counts.
I nominate the moon for a test run, but how to generate the wave?

       Old nukes?   


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