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YQ the Why Questions website

A website that explains WHY you get this site is down and not just how to clear your browsing data
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We all know that in order to fix the problem, most likely we have to restart the computer, delete the cookies and reinstall the app.

But when we want to know WHY we get that message and HOW removing the chache causes me to be able to finally see that website that cannot be reached, google doesn't help nor does stack exchange.

It seems everybody takes it for granted that we only want to get things done, without understanding what the underlying reasons are.

So your laptop got a a virus. Just use antivirus to get rid of it. So the dishwasher is showing that it needs salt. Just put the salt in and go on with life.

But sometimes I want to know HOW that faucet with one handle mixes the hot and cold water together, not just to get it fixed.

And I don't want a general site like quora, I want to know that people are focused on explaining it clearly.

Same goes for solving math. Most simple math homework questions on quora are how to solve (x+sqrt(3)) (x-sqrt(3)) for the value of 4. But I want to answer questions like WHY is the answer 1, not just how I calculated it.

So next time I get that question: solve (x+sqrt(3)) (x-sqrt(3)) for the value of 4 I want to know that the person asking is not just waiting to submit the result to their teacher for homework but will actually appreciate my explanation.

I'll first explain what an irrational number is and when and who discovered that the square root of 3 is irrational.

I'll know that whoever asked that question, after learning that it is in the form of (a+b)(a-b) will want to understand why (a+b)(a-b) = a^2-b^2. I want to look at c(a+b) = ca + cb, and explain that with rows on a chockolate bar.

In order to answer "Solve (x+sqrt(3)) (x-sqrt(3)) for the value of 4", I want to explain what the definition of square root is.

And I want to do that on a website where people are asking for these explanations.

pashute, Jul 15 2020

Lifewire's summary of ten Q&A websites https://www.lifewir...nswer-sites-3995413
[kdf, Jul 15 2020]

StackExchange https://stackexchange.com/
[xaviergisz, Jul 15 2020]

https://math.stackexchange.com/ https://math.stackexchange.com/
Regards your math-related inquiries, you could do worse than to use math.stackexchange where (sometimes at least) if you submit your question thoughtfully enough, people will take the time to provide answers around the "intuition" (aka the why) behind a given query. [zen_tom, Jul 16 2020]


       Quora is one of the better know Q&A websites, but there are many others. I've linked a "top ten" list from Lifewire, do any of them get closer to what you want?
kdf, Jul 15 2020

       Oh yeah, xaviergisz wins by mentioning stackexchange. That really was my first thought as well but I opted for offering a list of options.
kdf, Jul 15 2020

       //we only want to get things done//   

       Not round here, obviously.
pertinax, Jul 16 2020



       If you multiply out the brackets gives you:
(a x a)+(ab)+(b x-b)+(-ab)
Notice how the ab and -ab terms cancel one another out, leaving
a^2 - b^2
zen_tom, Jul 16 2020

       Thanks but stack-exchange will delete my query if I'm not asking HOW to do it.   

       Didn't I...? yep I did:   

       >But when we want to know WHY we get that message and HOW removing the chache causes me to be able to finally see that website that cannot be reached, google doesn't help nor does *stack exchange.*   

       BTW I edited the latter half of the idea for clarity.
pashute, Jul 17 2020


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