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What was known about "this" back then?
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Add time to your searches.

When doing searches for particular items, a simple scroll into the page (3D would be nice, but not necessary) will examine a dated history of what that search term brought up a month ago, two months ago, a year ago, 5 years ago... etc.

Prior to the internet, this could flip into a history of what was thought to be known about those terms. Graphically, this would be a nice visual of the growth of human knowledge.

leinypoo13, Jan 11 2008


       I like it - not entirely related, but it makes me think of an image of an animal that morphs forwards and backwards in evolutionary time as you zoom the scroll-wheel forwards and backwards on your mouse.   

       An implementation might be something you could talk to the Wayback Machine people about.
zen_tom, Jan 11 2008

       This is a T-axis scroll, not a true Z-axis scroll......
8th of 7, Jan 11 2008

       I would call it a W scroll, or is that reserved for the ana-kata type dimension?
nineteenthly, Jan 12 2008

       Why do I often feel like I've missed something....?
BJS, Jan 12 2008

       When I was a child, my great aunt had an Encyclopedia Britannica from, jeez, something like 1928. It was fascinating reading.
DrCurry, Jan 12 2008

       Likewise [DrC] I've got an old ship's doctor's book from the turn of the century. Amazing stuff.
zen_tom, Jan 12 2008


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