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Yin-Yang Fishbone-Croissant

image proposal (or would it be croissant - fihbone?)
  [vote for,

With some manipulation, the croissant and fishbone icons could be fit into a Yin Yang symbol. Does anyone have the graphic chops to do a really minimal sort of fishbone- croissant yin-yang symbol?
JesusHChrist, Sep 03 2005

(??) Fishbone/Croissant from degroof http://degroof.home....com/hb/yinyang.jpg
I knew I had seen this somewhere... [jutta, Sep 04 2005]

Halfbakery: mfd-tee mfd-tee
The discussion where Steve eventually ended up suggesting the Yin/Yang thing. [jutta, Sep 04 2005]

A flag with the same... Halfbakery_20flag
See idea #2. [RayfordSteele, Sep 05 2005]

(??) Just for [DesertFox] http://bathyform.com/HB/yinyang.html
Couldn't resist. [moomintroll, Sep 05 2005]

tattoo information http://tattoo.about.../blood_donation.htm
JHC feel free to delete all this off topic stuff. d [dentworth, Sep 06 2005]

great place... http://multiply.com/home?t=1126903144
[po, Sep 16 2005]

Paperweights, on photobucket. http://i90.photobuc...rn/Paperweights.jpg
£10+shipping. [david_scothern, Oct 04 2006]


       I vote + if this can be made into a pendant (for real, like the tee-shirts) like the regular yin yang, and sold to me.   

       Ill take one silver fishbone/gold croissant yin yang pendant please.
DesertFox, Sep 03 2005

       is that fishbone yin or yang?
JesusHChrist, Sep 03 2005

       Hm. I thought the ying yang thing was meant to be balanced. How will it be so when, for instance, there are more croissants than fishbones? So, really, it can't be done because it won't look like a ying yang thing unless nobody has voted or the votes remain even.
Pericles, Sep 03 2005

       Oh, I think it'd look exactly as designed redardless of vote count.
bristolz, Sep 03 2005


       one of those I wish I'd thought of it moments   

       they're all left threaded - which shall we reverse?
po, Sep 03 2005

       As are Yin and Yang, are they not?
bristolz, Sep 03 2005

       Mine's a yinnie.
DrCurry, Sep 04 2005

       That first link is just beautifull! I want a tattoo!
zeno, Sep 04 2005

       quite right, bris. :)
po, Sep 04 2005

       "Tunamelt". Ha!
jutta, Sep 04 2005

       Great idea! [DeGroof]'s picture is spot on. I just took a printout of his version to a local printer and made a t-shirt. Where am I allowed to wear it? (Knowing I will not make it look bad or explain what it really means).
sleeka, Sep 05 2005

       You can wear it anywhere [sleeka], but you have to post a piccy of your good self wearing it (you don't have to include your face if you are worried about privacy issues).
wagster, Sep 05 2005

       What on earth could people object to? Personally I would be happy for you to set up a CafePress shop that gave you a 10% cut. Link if you get around to it please.
wagster, Sep 05 2005

       well I am going to try to use it on an iron-on transfer for a tee. Thanks Steve.
dentworth, Sep 05 2005

       Brilliant! Thought the clock was a little hard to read (though still fab). My favourite is the raglan hoodie, but I really don't have the chest for it. But if I got a coupla pairs of socks...
In the meantime, something like this, [DesertFox]? (linky)
moomintroll, Sep 05 2005

       for those prices I needn't bother doing it myself. Thanks again
dentworth, Sep 05 2005

       I just bought the YYFC clock; Now when I wake up, I get to think "hey, there are at least several thousand Half-bakers smarter than I...but maybe a few of them have bad ideas".
sleeka, Sep 06 2005

       Nice photoshop [moom].
wagster, Sep 06 2005

       Aw shucks, thanks [wags] - I just do it for the practice :)   

       Incidentally, anyone thinking of using eMachineshop or similar, I now have a CAD model of this knocking about...
moomintroll, Sep 06 2005

       I've already got half of this tattooed on my back (the fishbone bit, beat ya to it, [zeno]). Got it before I'd heard of the HB, too. It must be my destiny. Maybe should get the croissant done too to balance my y+y.   


       big plus for the idea, too
squeak, Sep 06 2005

       <logic> Fishbones are cool but negative, croissants are cool and positive, you need to balance up. <egging on> Go on squeak! Do it! That would be wicked! <peer pressure> We'd all think you were really cool if you did that!
wagster, Sep 06 2005

       Off topic musing: It concerns & bothers me that the Red Cross will not take blood ( except after a waiting period) from people with tatoos. If our current tatooing is not safe for blood, donors or donees, why is it being done? Squeak, do not get another tatoo.
dentworth, Sep 06 2005

       [squeak] - Do not listen to advice from vague aquaintances you have met on a website. Oh, you weren't...
wagster, Sep 06 2005

       And WHY, may I ask, am I not supposed to get another tattoo, [dentworth]?
squeak, Sep 06 2005

       [squeak] because you may be contaminating your blood; it used to be a hepatitis risk. And if the Red Cross thinks it's bad, I'm with them. Just a friendly warning. I will look this up to be sure and get back to you.   

       Here is a quote from one of the Red Cross websites   


       Wait 12 months after a tattoo if the tattoo was applied in a state that does not regulate tattoo facilities. This requirement is related to concerns about hepatitis. Learn more about hepatitis and blood donation.   

       Acceptable if the tattoo was applied by a state-regulated entity using sterile technique. Only a few states currently regulate tattoo facilities, so most donors with tattoos must wait 12 months after tattoo application before donating blood. You should discuss your particular situation with the health historian at the time of donation. "
dentworth, Sep 06 2005

       [squeak] – that’s worthy of a photo on the HB calendar. <nudge>
Shz, Sep 06 2005

       To anyone here: If you can send me a t-shirt like that, I'll pay! email me.
zeno, Sep 07 2005

       And I want two medium sized and one extremely small ( baby) sized.
zeno, Sep 07 2005

       Wow, check that onesy!
zeno, Sep 10 2005

       I just recieved the bone/bun clock I ordered, and it looks good. Now it's right next to my computer.
sleeka, Sep 13 2005

       Make that a large one [zeno]. And I like the clock much better!
Susan, Sep 13 2005

       It looks exactly like the clock in your CafePress Shop link, and is 10" (25 cm) across. All plastic, of course, but it works just fine.
sleeka, Sep 15 2005

       I've been thinking that the fish and criossant are both sort of yang and that the lack of any vote at all is sort of what is yin, and that it might be nice to have a yinyang where one "comma-shape" was made out of both a fish and bun, so like where the bun was the round part and the fish was the tail of the comma and the outside of the fish and bun combo was half of a circle and the circle continued around to include an empty space in exactly the mirror of the fish and bun combo that represented the yin-like lack of a fish or bun.
JesusHChrist, Sep 16 2005

       Moomintroll that is exactly what I want!
DesertFox, Sep 16 2005

       [JHC] You've been thinking again haven't you?   

       I've just taken delivery of ten little badges (buttons to you Yanks). I don't need ten but I couldn't bring myself to pay the $5.00 postage on a $0.99 badge, so I now have too many. I might use them as bait to lure people to a London Halfcon Pub Thing.
wagster, Sep 16 2005

       //I might use them as bait to lure people to a London Halfcon Pub Thing.// (considers buying intercontinental plane ticket for $.99 item)
Worldgineer, Sep 16 2005

       Good, Steve. The black could be blacker if anything but that's just splitting hairs, I'm wearing mine now. By the way I have stolen your design for a project of mine. Was going to ask you but I can't find your email address - mine's on my profile page.
wagster, Sep 16 2005

       use multiply!
po, Sep 16 2005

       I think a large child's t-shirt should fit me. I prefer the logo big, the female tops aren't exactly my kinda clothing.   

       But my internet is playing up, I cant proceed to checkout.... nooooo.. ............ panic attack   

       [wagster] i'm gonna buy a pack of 10, one for each of my bags
chocolateraindrops, Sep 16 2005

       aww, jeeez, thanxs steve! you're a sweatheart
chocolateraindrops, Sep 17 2005

       Now I'll buy one (plus two, once the kids see mine).
Shz, Sep 17 2005

       Thanks Steve!
sophocles, Dec 20 2005

       I've been working on something recently. Having obtained the necessary permissions from [jutta] and [Steve DeGroof] (though, please note, endorsements from neither - this is not linked with or supported by either of them, or halfbakery.com) I've created some fishbone-croissant paperweights based on Steve's design above. See link to photobucket.   

       They're available at £10+shipping. Of that, about 60% goes to the foundry that produced them, I would like to take 10% towards my own costs, and the remaining 30% goes to a mission hospital in Africa. If you're interested, put an underscore between my first and last names and contact me at yahoo (UK).
david_scothern, Oct 04 2006

       Wow, those are really well made.
Shadow Phoenix, Nov 03 2007

       Paper never saw it coming.   

       Would be great for:
crushing ice
thwarting burglars
making "tunamelt" cookie sheets!
daseva, Nov 03 2007

       I'm tempted to get some coasters laser cut with this design through ponoko.com. I've submitted the design and been quoted US$95 (includes shipping) for 11 coasters made of bamboo plywood. If anyone wants the design in .svg format, so you can get them laser cut yourself, I'll happily email it to you.
xaviergisz, Aug 22 2010

       Best check with She Who Must Be Obeyed first ...   

       // Wow, those are really well made. //   

       Yes they do. Really solid and heavy. What calibre, sorry, diameter are they ? Not that we would ever consider using one as a projectile. Unless, that is, we were totally desperate. Or bored.
8th of 7, Aug 22 2010


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