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Yin and yang paperclip

Specialty paperlcip concept
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These would be made from a single piece of wire, with a round circle of wire that then curves down across the circle to divide it into the yin and yang tadpoles. The division would actually be two wires as the wire would double back on itself then terminate at the top.

The would be suitable for all paperclip uses but would be flashy and neat in and of itself. BUNGCO hopes they will find favor among crafty types and hippie jewelry makers.

Other specialty clips include peace sign, skull, lingam, and lightning bolt- within - lightning bolt. Colors include gold, silver, and anodyzed blue, green and red.

bungston, Apr 10 2008

spirals and hearts...but I like the yin-yang + http://www.lcipaper...ies/fasteners.shtml
[xandram, Apr 10 2008]

other uses for them http://www.curbly.c...aper-Clip-Lampshade
[xandram, Apr 10 2008]

Paper clip history http://www.officemu...com/paper_clips.htm
fun stuff [bungston, Apr 10 2008]

Bends some wire.... http://moniplex.com...ain.php?picture=227
[DrCurry, Apr 11 2008]

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       This is an excellent idea.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 10 2008

       I want pink.
po, Apr 10 2008

       Simply genius, almost. It should be made from one piece of wire and loop round enough times to create a functional clip that is better than the original.   

       To see the layout I have in mind, draw a yin & yang using a continuous line, then extend each end of the line round the outside till it finishes where the other original end was.   

marklar, Apr 10 2008

       use it to re-attach the missing "i" to "Specialty", then give that "paperlcip" a kick up the backside, to re-order its letters +
xenzag, Apr 10 2008

       You can get circular paperclips, so this is very Bakeable, and not really Halfbaked at all.
DrCurry, Apr 10 2008

       Will it have a Dark Side ? We insist on a Dark Side ....
8th of 7, Apr 10 2008

       As seen on link: the philidelphia. It was introduced in the Netherlands a few years ago as a new and nifty paperclip. Over a hundred years old, don't we feel stupid
zeno, Apr 11 2008

       For a truly halfbaked feel, bend one into a yin-yang fishbone/croissant.
david_scothern, Apr 11 2008

       I could use them to gently pull back the hair out of my eyes while I'm practicing Yoga too!!!+++++
blissmiss, Apr 11 2008


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