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ballistically targeted advertising
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This is a social networking app that allows you to recommend specific ads or types of advertising for specific friends or classes of friend.

So for instance if you really didn't like someone and you are receiving ads on your facebook timeline that you also really dont like, instead of just ignoring them or asking to never see them again you can now specifically target them or refer them anonymously to people who you also really dont like.

This would add valuable data about ads that people don't like where usually all the advertiser would know is that a person didn't watch a certain ad. The advertiser could then correlate the distasteful ad with other statistics about how much the person who targeted the ad didn't like the people they targeted it to.

JesusHChrist, Aug 18 2015


       Thank you...
normzone, Aug 18 2015

       "You just Watch It Buster! One false step and POW!"   

       Brings back Childhood memories. SIGH
popbottle, Aug 18 2015

       Was your pop spending too much time on the bottle?
RayfordSteele, Aug 19 2015

       Pop spent too much time working, not drinking.   

       Jackie Gleason was allowed to Send Alice "to the Moon". When TV was Black and White, language was less restricted in some ways then it is now. My playmates had loud and colorful language.
popbottle, Aug 20 2015

       BANG! ZOOM!
RayfordSteele, Aug 20 2015

       [] Misleading tagline; "ballistically" requires something exciting like printing out 1000 copies of the ad, tying the copies together with string, setting them on fire, and using a giant catapult to fling the burning detritus in an inadvisable direction.
sninctown, Aug 20 2015


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