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youtube ad time

tell youtube which ads to put up and when
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OK if this happens I'm going to hate myself for suggesting it, but it's better than having an inappropriate ad spring at you in the least expected moment ruining the whole experience.

So adtime.youtube lets the uploader determine what kind of ads (with a reason) are appropriate, which ads should definitely NOT be shown with this movie, and when to show the ads that will be shown, if they are.

Also, take money from the bad advertisers that people don't like and less from those that people DO like. This way you'll have people making better advertisements more fit to the public's liking AND get more money.

pashute, Jun 14 2021


       Thanks a1!   

       The difference between this and Adsence is that this is specific to each movie. So for the tragedy documentary you can tell youtube not to put dancing girls in bikinis just when the scene goes to the sobbing mother peeking out the window waiting to see her son's return from battle.   

       Same goes for the opening lines of an old Jewish comedian where you burst out laughing and then should not be shown a sobbing mother with her dying child raising money for cancer treatment.
pashute, Jun 15 2021

       It's not the advertising that most pisses me off about Youtube. It's the censorship.
Voice, Jun 15 2021


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