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Your Name in Lights

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MaxCo. has just completed a major electrical installation at the Rentisham's Headquarters.

In order to be Environmentally Eco-green, the wise souls at Rentishams have had all of their office lights replaced with LED bulbs - they were quite astonished by the technology, and don't even seem to mind the increased expenditure on heating to make up for the 32kW formerly provided by the old lighting system.

One of the great things about LEDs is that they don't mind being switched on and off (and then on again) repeatedly and rapidly, as long as those two operations are performed in alternation. This fact, plus a little Bluetoothery, has enabled us to provide Rentishams with an out-of-hours message display system. By co-ordinating the offing and onning of the lights in multiple offices (the typing pool alone occupies three floors), the entire building can be made to display gigantuous scrolling messages, such as "WELCOME BACK BOFFO", "ONLY THE BEST CARNAUBA" or "ALWAYS THE FULL EFFECT".

Best of all, Rentishams now earns a substantial supplementary income through the use of a telegraphy service that allows users to access the system such that, for a fee, their own messages can be displayed in 49ft letters.

MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 28 2018

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       What about birdstrike ?
normzone, Feb 28 2018

       That is an excellent question that should be asked more often.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 28 2018

       I'll see your puny names in lights, and raise you entire buildings as full colour TV displays! {link}
xenzag, Mar 01 2018


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