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Zippy Zip-line

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Zippy Zip-line takes the form of a big zipper, which unzips as you hurtle down its length.

Being a double interlocking teeth dependant mechanism means Zippy Zip-line has several advantages and applications that a conventional free-fall zip-line cannot achieve: it's a much stronger arrangement, meaning that it's safer and can carry heavier loads; it can act like a flexible funicular railway. ie made to run uphill as well as downhill with the provision of a motor inside the zip casing; its rate of descent and ascent can be controlled; it can be used to traverse a valley where it hangs slackly under no tension.

xenzag, Apr 18 2017

Zoom-ball https://www.youtube...watch?v=H2Gpm3wXLRQ
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Apr 19 2017]

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       "Hello? We need an ambulance. There been a ghastly accident at the giant zip-line. Bring Type Oh blood. Quickly!"   

       Yes, I have had trouble with zippers. What gave it away?
popbottle, Apr 18 2017

       You could make it go faster by "spreading" the un-zipping ends..
neutrinos_shadow, Apr 18 2017

       " Pardon me, but your flier is down ... "
normzone, Apr 18 2017

       What [neutrinos shadow] said.   

       Reminds me of a toy my brother and I had as kids. [link]   

       Put it on a Christo sculpture, have the earth go dishabille!
beanangel, Apr 19 2017


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