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Zombie Toothpaste

Gel-toothpaste containers in the shape of organs.
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You can buy squishy balls with a cluster of eyeballs inside. That got me thinking about a new shape of toothpaste container. Maybe for Halloween. The squishy stuff would be toothpaste gel; you could squeeze it through a conventional spout out of a transparent roundish sack around a soft plastic foam "implant" in the shape of an organ of your choice, e.g. brain, kidneys, heart, liver. The gel would be colored to match the kind of organ, but conventionally flavored - the bile tastes like wintergreen, not like bile.

(Posted shortly after the animal-shaped toothpaste containers, but thought up independently before.)

Yes, there are obvious "bachelor toothpaste" adult joke applications with breasts and penises, but I'm really more interested in hearts and brains. Mhh, brains.

jutta, Feb 14 2007

Squishy eyeballs. http://www.madmarti...ages/shop/yicky.jpg
[jutta, Feb 14 2007]

(?) they call it a brain...wrong color I think http://www.oriental...Datafeed-_-Datafeed
[xandram, Feb 15 2007]

(?) got some brains for you here [jutta] http://www.brain-ma...rain_novelties.html
eeewww, brain jello [xandram, Feb 15 2007]

thanks! and a belated valentine to y'all... http://www.egeneral...com/heargelmol.html
[jutta, Feb 16 2007]

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       Chianti flavour?
wagster, Feb 14 2007

       I can't help but feel that you're missing out on a great opportunity here. By filling the containers with a variety of condements instead of toothpaste, you could have make one of those anatomical models with removable organs.
st3f, Feb 14 2007

       Kind of gross, but yet pretty cool at the same time. +
xandram, Feb 15 2007

       //The gel would be colored to match the kind of organ//   

       I have different coloured organs?   

       Cool, I'll have a look later.
skinflaps, Feb 15 2007

       Nine out of ten witch doctors agree...   

       Brushes greener.
hippo, Feb 16 2007

       8 dollars for a brain mold? Damn, science has come a long way...
daseva, Feb 16 2007

       I love the "toothpaste goo is more goo than toothpaste" statement.   

       Coke™ or Pepsi™ won't, Jutta; you should. Pop-bottle shapes with 'saucy' carbonated toothpaste. Could be lemon/lime-like.
reensure, Feb 18 2007

       I can see from all your other postings that you have an unhealthy obsession with toothpaste.   

       Still, nice idea so you get 1 from me.
noblea, Feb 20 2007

       I like the concept but I'm thinking along similar lines to st3f. E.g. a foam rubber head, just press down on the top to have goo oozing from it's nose, ears or eyes, perhaps a different coloured goo for each orifice.
DrBob, Feb 20 2007

       Having seen all manner of jell(o|y) moulds in the shape of organs - I'm wondering how feasable it would be to create an entire human body, complete with organs - out of jell(y|o) Great for kids' parties - especially if you used lighter concentrations of jell(o|y) for skin/muscles etc and darker shades for lungs, hearts, kidneys and other bits of jell(y|o)-cadaver.
zen_tom, Feb 20 2007

       I was doing just fine until I got to the bile/wintergreen section, at which point I had to hurl. Otherwise...awesome!
blissmiss, Feb 20 2007

       It took me a while, but now that you've made [blissmiss] hurl I am convinced it will be a sure-fire commercial success.
methinksnot, Feb 20 2007

       Whoa, that's like something I would come up with (idly, not actually intending to sell it)! You might get some complaints, though. i.e. "My son's bladder is leaking!" if you use bad materials. Or "The brain toothpaste doesn't taste like brains!!" From actual zombies. But I give it a [+], for hilarity.
TahuNuva, Nov 02 2007

       Brilliant idea for helping kids brush their teeth during Halloween.
cartoon_nate, Jul 09 2008

       I thought this was going to be.. like... toothpaste for zombies. After being dead for quite a while, their breath STINKS!!
Cedar Park, Jul 10 2008


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