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Zorbo's Bucket

Archimedes can get screwed.
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Zorbo realised this was exactly like an Archimedes Screw in every respect, with the exception that it's a bucket...
zen_tom, Dec 02 2009

Salt water well Salt_20water_20well
[+] [madness, Dec 02 2009]

Not to be confused with "Zombo.com" http://www.zombo.com/
The place where you always get a hearty welcome [Dub, Dec 06 2009]

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       Yip I think you could spin the rope as fast as you liked and the bucket would never pull up any water. But then again if you could stop the bucket from spining the rope would surely shorten...   

       So zen how do you stop the bucket spinning?
madness, Dec 02 2009

       is zorbo the greek?
po, Dec 02 2009

       Is Zorbo the Greek what?
pocmloc, Dec 02 2009

       I hope I'm not the only person to realize that this is a sarcastic parody.
DrWorm, Dec 02 2009

       Zorbo is a Hungarian, or at least, he hasn't had his breakfast yet.   

       Perhaps the bucket could be anchored at the pole, and the earth allowed to spin around it...
zen_tom, Dec 03 2009

       Barry realised that, with a nod to [DrWorm], this is indeed a sarcastic parody.
theleopard, Dec 03 2009

       Hi, welcome to the HalfBakery: you can avoid such social faux pas by referring to the 'help' section, available from the left side of the page, under 'meta'.
FlyingToaster, Dec 03 2009

       I was inclined to think this wouldn't work... but then I set myself straight and it did.
Dub, Dec 06 2009

       <Misquoting Blackadder>
Baldrick: ...I shall prepare my Zorbo's Bucket surprise.
Edmund: and the surprise is...?
Baldrick: There's nothing else in it except a bucket.
DrBob, Dec 07 2009


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