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"Are You Sure" for anno deletion

Prevent accidental annotation deletions
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Please! In my years here at the HalfBakery, I have deleted a few annotations on purpose (very few), and today managed to do my second by accident. That's two too many! Since there already is an "Are You Sure" question that pops up when deleting a whole Idea, it shouldn't be hard to add and/or invoke that when deleting an annotation.


Vernon, Jun 08 2004

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       [Vernon] Must be terrible, when you lose a really, really big one!!
ConsulFlaminicus, Jun 08 2004

       [ConsulFlaminicus], no, it is worse than that, because it was someone else's anno that I deleted by accident (as the Master of my own posted Idea, I have that power, and do not wish to abuse it, especially by accident). If I delete an anno of my own, I can probably reconstruct it, since they are generally replies to preceding annos.
Vernon, Jun 08 2004

       Vernon no offence but are you feeling ok? i have seen an idea of your that fits on one screen... and making errors with the mouse....
engineer1, Jun 08 2004

       I have accidently deleted an anno of someone else's as well but, I think, only once.  While I do see the occassional apology for the mistake, I don't think it is a frequent enough problem to add a roadblock.  My 2¢.
bristolz, Jun 08 2004

       i've done it too and it is a pain. stops the flow of the annos if it cant be replaced.
etherman, Jun 08 2004

       Man, do I ever hate it when people treat software as if the criterion for adding features should be "is it doable" rather than "does it make sense." (As Vernon does when he writes "it shouldn't be hard to add that".)
I'd much rather have a general "undo last action" option than an "are you sure", and I'd much rather burden you with the wait until that's implemented than with lots of little almost-as-good features.
jutta, Jun 08 2004

       Thanks, [jutta], an "undo" is indeed just as good as an "are you sure" in this case. I only asked for the verification thing because, as a programmer, I know it is generally easier to copy/paste/invoke existing code than to write new code. I had no idea you were working on an "undo". Thanks again!
Vernon, Jun 08 2004

       I'm sure we've all suffered using software features that were added simply because there was a hook. I know I have.
bristolz, Jun 08 2004

       Interface clutter. Are our words on this site truly that important? Fishbone.   

       (I would like a general purpose Undo, though.)
DrCurry, Jun 08 2004

       After the liver has cleared the residual alcohol, after the anger of the previous night has passed, an undo for the “destroy account” might be a good thing.
ldischler, Jun 08 2004

       I agree.
jutta, Jun 08 2004

       You can always hit the back button on your browser, copy the text of the annotation you deleted (it is still on the cached page) and make a new annotation and paste in the text.
macrumpton, Jun 08 2004

       That doesn't work if someone else has annoed, because then you've lost your place.
ldischler, Jun 08 2004

       One benefit of prompting a user before deleting another users annotation is that it could also put up a bit of text warning newbies when it is and isn't proper. Considering how infrequently this is needed, I think it would cause more benefit than harm.   

       For deleting my own annotations, I agree that no prompt should be necessary, but I won't object to an undo feature.   

       By the way [jutta], great job on the halfbakery software. No software is perfect, but this is pretty good, and that you're doing it for free is amazing.
scad mientist, Jun 08 2004

       Thanks. Actually, the software isn't the hard part, the maintenance is. Fortunately there are a bunch of people donating their time to shuffling ideas around between categories. (That, too, is flawed, but better than just letting it all pile up.) Thanks.
jutta, Jun 08 2004

       Account destruction like gun licensing might be good (several day "cooling off" period).
Detly, Jun 10 2004

       Hmmm... would it be appropriate to suggest a forced action, at the time of idea creation, to prompt the user to select the right category, rather than defaulting to Other: general?   

       In hindsight, that's probably the best place for them... a sort of sump for orphaned ideas.
Zanzibar, Jun 10 2004


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